I’m Green, I Collect Compost by JB Vadeboncoeur

28 Oct

I collect material to compost. Why? Gardening and I go way back. When my mother would say, “No eating until dinner,” I went in the backyard and picked berries and green beans and/or a tomato warm in the sun.

Topsoil is one of our most precious resources and it takes many years to form. It would bother me if I did not compost my kitchen wastes. I would feel like I was failing the future. Is that a little dramatic? It doesn’t bother me if you don’t compost. But it sure would if I didn’t. I used to put kitchen wastes, (no meat or fat), in whatever disposable container I had. My favorite was the clear plastic oblong that baby lettuces came in. Then after I emptied it into my compost pile, I rinse it and put it in the recycling.

My daughter visited and said, Mom that looks gross. She was right. I wasn’t focused on that at all. My husband got some stainless steel canister sets. We use the small ones for rice and beans. Now I use the big ones for compost collecting. I compost the easy way. I dump everything in a pile on the ground and keep a pile of yard clippings to layer over the grosser looking things. Each year I start a new pile and after three years I use the first pile to enrich my garden. I don’t turn the pile or wet it. Just plop it, wait and use it. I do put it far back from the house because once I heard a wild boar out there at night. I think it was a boar. I heard grunts and heavy breathing.

When I moved here to this desert, it was mostly rock. I never saw a worm when I planted. My neighbor has a jack hammer he loans out when people want to dig a hole. This year I started seeing worms around my coffee trees. That’s a good thing.

When my granddaughter left, I asked what her favorite thing here was? She said walking to the “signpost’ pile.

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