My first linked Post

02 Dec

The post by  Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

Guest Post: 5 Best Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

on the The Urban Muse Blog

has terrific ideas to write up for blog posts.

I love her list of open ended sentences to complete.  That is one of my favorite writing prompts.

Another favorite of mine is to make a mind map, some people call it clustering. This works well, because I usually have a number of ideas rolling around in my head. This way I get them all out and can select the one that is most perfectly ripened at this moment.

To do a mind map, I write a word in the center of a page. In this case I wrote ‘posts’.

Draw spokes coming out from the center word. On each spoke write a word that is an idea for a blog post. The beauty of the mind map is that our minds don’t work linearly. By making a “list” that is all over the page, you simulate searching all over your mind and pulling from all areas.

When I write an article I use mind mapping to quickly come up with everything I want included in it. I also use it when I am making a decision and want to be sure I have all the facts. I can make one map of pros and one of cons. It is good for any situation you need to brainstorm.

When I started I didn’t realize my post was going to be about mind mapping. Do you ever use it? I invite you to share how that has worked for you.

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