GOT LIGHT? by J.B Vadeboncoeur

05 Dec

In the last post I mentioned sending ‘light’ whenever I found myself obsessing about a situation.

What it is-
Regarding asking for the Light, you could also call it; saying a prayer, turning to a higher power for help, a relaxation technique, or many other things. What is this ‘light’ you are asking for? I think of it as grace or aide. I think of it as asking the universe for an energy of assistance. It is benevolent and will never come where it is not wanted and will never inflict itself. It is very open and is there for the taking, IF it is asked for. It is always available to all for the asking. It cannot be used to attempt to cause a certain situation to happen. It does what it does, but is not to be directed in particular ways. Be open to it and observe the blessing it is for you.

How to do it-
One way to do this is to stop and exhale for as long as you can and still be comfortable. Then slowly exhale your next breath for as long as you comfortably can. As you exhale, imagine the tension and stress are leaving your body.

Hold the intention that you will be protected and ask that only what is for the highest good for everyone concerned will come forward. This is to say that you let go of any desires of your own about what will happen. For this study, don’t ask for any particular thing; let go and ask for the best for all to show up, ask silently, inwardly for the light.

Then be present with it. Do not try to make anything happen, rather allow what comes. In this place, in this energy, you may become aware of more options. You may find yourself expanded in awareness.

Hint: Observe as an infant does. Look at poo the same as diamonds.

Do you already use the light? Please share any experiences you have with this?

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