I’m missing my Hubby already.

28 Jul

I’m on vacation and have turned the comments off. Thinking of all you readers, when I am not distracted by the beauty of family and friends. Have your best summer ever.

Humaness is endearing in ways perfection never could be.

I wrote this once after reflecting on a beloved friend.


More recently I commented on Pen and Paper blog,

OMG, isn’t it the imperfections that add to the appeal and charm? That’s what I tell my husband anyway.


Since I may not have said it to him in those very words, I went over and said it to him.


His response was:


Imperfections implies small things.


As I reached out to reply physically in some way, he said something endearing and now neither of us can remember what it was. I wanted to share it. C’est la vie.


It may have saved his day. Now to remember the positive part and forget the rest.


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