FEEL GOOD FRIDAY — Christmas Creche

23 Dec

The Girl Next Door Grows Up
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When my mother was alive, she asked me what I wanted of hers. I asked for the Christmas creche. It belonged to my grandmother.

When I was a child I spent many happy hours playing with baby Jesus and the Holy family and the other figures.


When I got married and didn’t have a nativity scene, I made one out of fabric. The good news was my children could play with it and not break it.


About 15 years ago, my mother mailed me the creche and the statues. They were so beat up and chipped. There were about 5 or 6 wise men, because over the years we had gotten replacement sets.


I laughed when I saw the figures and I bought a new set made out of resin. I still have a wise man with a broken hand, but the rest are intact.

Over the years I collected a nativity scenes. Once, I brought a set to a workshop as decoration. A school age girl was there. She was drawn to the nativity scene. Like me at that age, she had a real baby brother. I asked her if she had a nativity scene at home. She said no, so I gave the one she admired to her and her family. I imagined her having fun playing with them like I did.


Last year, I met a lady who collects nativity scenes, and she had the same creche. She said it was from 1905 or 1910. That’s about when my grandmother got married.


It’s the only one I have now. When I moved I didn’t bring the others with me. I treasure it and my memories of my family.

Have your best Christmas ever!

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