11 May


It occurred to me some years back that to have wealth, I needed to be able to say no to people. My experience has been the ‘takers’ out there are happy to relieve you of your wealth.

At that time, I consciously started practicing saying no. It became fun and felt empowering. I have said no to people who stopped talking to me and stopped interacting with me. That was my biggest fear, that I would lose them as friends. My biggest learning was that they never were friends really and this left me free to move on to truer friends.

The courage to say no and risk what happened next, came out of being tired of the way things were going and feeling determined to grow in healthy ways.

I think it happens naturally as a byproduct of listening to yourself and taking care of yourself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Abundance


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  1. Jen C.

    May 15, 2011 at 3:32 am

    It’s so weird to see my own fears of saying “no” to people written out in words. I had the same exact worry with the word “no” which is why I usually find myself taking on more work than I have time for. It’s not an easy thing to do, to say “no” to people because there’s always this feeling that you’re disappointing others by saying it. Jason says that I need to learn to say “no” to people especially when saying “yes” just makes me miserable. I will work on being more assertive with myself 🙂

  2. Holly

    May 18, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Saying “no” is such an issue for so many people, yet it’s so important! We can please everybody all of the time, and we shouldn’t attempt it.


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