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Garden – Devas

Randy son of Robert

Years ago I was astonished when I read THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.
What impacted me most was the discovery in 1966 by Cleve Backster who was a lie detector test expert. He had a galvanometer lead on a plant and noticed that it registered an electrical current, and made a tracing. Then he ‘thought’ I wonder what would happen if I burnt the leaf. As soon as he thought it, the tracing spiked. When he repeated this he discovered that the plant responded to thoughts and other influences, ( like music).

He found lesser reactions in dried and frozen foods but no reaction from canned food. That convinced me to avoid canned food, as having less vitality.

While adding the link here to Wikipedia about Cleve, I read that MYTHBUSTERS TV show initially got the same reaction as Cleve and then when they tightened the controls, they didn’t get any more reactions. This bothered me because I have faith in both sources.

Years later, I was in a class re: connecting with Devas and the Angelic kingdom. I went into it with an open mind and had minor experiences.

Now that I live here in Hawaii, I have seen Devas in my yard. It takes a little effort, or more accurately relaxation on my part. For me they always appear with their plant and look like the plant. The first one I saw was in the crook of a Kiawe tree.
It looked like the bark of the tree.  I never hear the Devas; I communicate with them by listening inside and with applied kinesthesiology. (muscle testing)

I started actively communicating with the Devas when I realized, I would come inside after gardening and feel all out of sorts. I have a tendency to take on the upset of others. When I clear myself of upset that isn’t even mine, I have so much less to deal with. I realized I was picking up ‘stuff’ from the Devas. Now I make an effort to ask what they need and how they are all doing. Having read THE FINDHORN GARDEN STORY by the Findhorn Garden Community, I knew some facts about what works in the garden.

I am left thinking, in the experiments on MYTHBUSTERS, when they added tighter controls, they cut out the Deva involvement. Maybe it is not the plant that registers on the galvanometer but the Deva. I want to see that TV episode. What do you think?

Addendum. I chose this gorgeous photo from  Flikr because it’s a beautiful garden. Mine doesn’t look like this. I live in a desert and most plants die, unless I keep them watered. We had six inches of rain here last year. XD


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