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Here’s a talk I gave at Toastmaster’s called Laugh.

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Funny Knitting Link

Here is a link to a video of a prank Tom Hank’s played on Julia Roberts.

Enjoy. XD


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Frozen computer

In order to keep some sanity there is no post so far this week due to technical difficulties.

Thank goodness for a computer savvy husband. XD

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Feel Good Friday

The Girl Next Door Grows Up started this Feel Good Friday meme. See lia sophia’s blog, ( the current hostess) for the Mclinky.

My happy day included receiving size 50 knitting needles in the mail. I won them in an auction on eBay. I love using e-snipe to minimize bidding wars.

In two hours I got 1/3 of a baby blanket finished —

And in 20 minutes I can make an eyelash lei —

I am having fun and it gets better. Soon I’ll be getting my first circular knitting needles.

Have your best day ever!

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This week’s post is a sister to last week’s. This week the suggestion is to give a little more than is expected. It can be a little more of intangibles, like service or attitude.

It contributes to your consciousness of abundance. If you are giving a head of lettuce from your garden to your neighbor, check over the heads and give them an especially nice one. It’s win win for both of you.

Once I was putting a deposit on a workshop. I had an extra $5. with me and put the requested deposit plus the $5. It will make it easier when I have to pay the remainder, I thought. As it turns out, they were swamped with deposits, more than they could accommodate.

They accepted anyone who paid in full and the rest were left to a lottery — except, because I had paid that little bit more than, I was accepted.

Think of it, those businesses that give you a little more than, in service or quality or products. You notice. It feels good to be the recipient.

Consider trying this for your own good. It just happens to be good for everyone. I think that is often the case. What is good for you is good for all involved.

Have you had any experiences with this?

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When I find myself saying or thinking that I don’t have enough money for something, it is much more empowering to say –

I don’t value that.

Or –

That is not something I am interested in doing.


That doesn’t work for me.

I guess this only happens when others are pushing me to do something.

If it is something I really want to do and it seems out of my budget, then I am more likely to look at how I can make it happen another way. I believe the things that are our destiny, that are in line with our purpose; those things will happen and we will have the resources we need.

I have often said, okay God, I think you want me to do this and I don’t see how. Would you help me out here please? Heck, I say that little prayer a lot when it comes to convincing my husband of something.

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When I’m 64!

When I’m 64!

Ah, that would be today! Yay, I’m alive. I’m not a wasn’t or an isn’t. I love the Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You book.

A younger blogger wrote about having crow’s feet. Here is me trying to hide my crow’s face.

Today is mine. I am letting go of all the things on my plate

— the drawing I am working on for OWOH. It was supposed to be ‘easy’. I’ve been at it over 20 hours so far and it’s what I want to do but not today. XD


I find myself cleaning of all things. I love everything all clean and uncluttered. My inner child loves to clean. My outer child does NOT. I will make it fun however.

I’m wearing my favorite blouse. It’s knit silk and I already got some kukui oil on it and I will be cleaning in it, but hey, It’s my birthday. I asked dh to take a photo of me to show you, I was so pleased that I didn’t have muffin top. Turns out my delusions are better than my eyesight, so no photo.

Since it’s my birthday and that is like being Queen of the universe, I wish for you all to have your best day ever!

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