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CREATING ABUNDANCE — The One Most Impactful Thing I Did To Create Abundance.


Have you ever used affirmations? They have helped me to undo negative programming, to change my self talk. It takes a lot of repeating a positive affirmation to undo deeply held negative beliefs. I’m talking about saying an affirmation 1000 times a day or more. I used to say them while I commuted over and over. Sometimes I would sing them or say them in different tones. You can say them silently while waiting in lines.Some people like to say them to a mirror.

You can get results with some general abundance affirmations like —

I am rich.

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I think it is more effective to use your own personal abundance affirmation. Usually I say abundance rather than money because abundance is so much more than money.

When I was seeking my own personal abundance affirmation, a thought came in my head —

This is easy, my affirmation will be something like work until you drop.

Was I surprised when I got all quiet and relaxed and asked to be shown my affirmation.

I have an inner sanctuary in my creative imagination. I go there to rejuvenate. In it, I have an information room with a computer. I looked at the screen in my mind’s eye and saw the words on it–

I am taking time for myself to love and be loved.

Time was always an issue for me. I pressured myself to accomplish. For me, this affirmation is perfect. It often helps me make decisions about what I want to do.

If I was to look for an affirmation in my mind, it would have been work till you drop. This affirmation of taking time for myself comes from a deeper part of me, from my inner wisdom.

How can you get in touch with your inner wisdom and receive the abundance affirmation that is for you? You need to relax and listen inwardly. You can ask to be shown in a dream state or in meditation. Do you have other ways that you use to connect to your inner wisdom?

Have your best week ever.

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