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As I write this, I have shingles. It’s my second time. It leaves me with the thought why did this happen to me? And better yet, how can I prevent it’s recurrence.


I can rule out most but not all of the causes. On-line, I found information that red yeast rice which is a statin can contribute to shingles. Cholesterol functions to coat nerve endings.  Both times, I got shingles after taking red yeast rice.


Guess what I won’t be taking anymore?


This time the shingles is on my left trunk. Dr. Babinet pointed out that in Eastern medicine, the left side has to do with honoring the essence of our own uniqueness.


He gave me three affirmations to work with.

I am free to be me.

I am allowing the world to support me.

I am open to receive according to my own expression.


I created a triple whammy in this area by feeling challenged to set boundaries, connecting to a person without boundaries and judging myself for being ineffective and getting angry. It’s interesting to me that I could have done everything the same and been much further ahead by leaving out the part of judging myself.


Oprah had an article in her newsletter that I find comfort in. It is about setting boundaries. I love the first exercise for all the permission it gives to honor your unique boundaries, and before that to come to know what they are.


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