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A Handwork Meditation.

Have you ever gotten the handwork bug? If you do handwork, are there times when you just can’t do enough of it?

I have been bitten big time. It started before the holidays which seemed normal enough. I love to give a little handmade something to people at Christmas. Last year I gave everyone dishcloths that I crochet.

This year I started making dude hats. I love them and made all colors. It’s great for using up small amounts of leftover yarn. I let the grandkids pick what colors they wanted. I kept trying them on, hoping I looked ‘cool.’ My husband kept shaking his head, no it’s not working.

My granddaughter put one on and looked so cute. I see her in pictures back home and she is still wearing them.

My sister sent photos and I see she wore one at the back of her head and looked excellent. I tried it and I think I look better, but it is not the dudette look, you get when you wear it down to your eyebrows.

The bug continues. I started thinking I would give everyone homemade gifts from now on. So I went to the store and got some fabric to make a kimono. It is gorgeous – hand painted. Then I realized this cost more than if I just sent a check and that way it wouldn’t be the wrong size or color. 😦

I am working on baby blankets – two new babies coming that I know of. I don’t know what sex they are so I’d like to make two pink and two blue and be ahead.

Throw blankets for a bride and groom. Can you tell I love this knit on the diagonal pattern –  tres easy.

A crochet blanket for a grandson, to match his room colors.

crochet blanket

And a granddaughter.

Another granddaughter got a new bigger bed.

And a grandson asked for this Harry Potter panel to be made into a quilt with silver and gold. His room has a space theme. I don’t do quilts because I can easily make them cattywompus. To make them neat and match up is a challenge to me. But I am working it for him.

The mediation part comes in because I work in a zen like state and send good vibes to the person who will receive the gift. (Must avoid the crazies over quilting!) I think it gives me a sense of purpose. I pray for my loved ones anyway. This way I am accomplishing something while I pray.

What is your favorite handmade gift?

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FEEL GOOD FRIDAY — Christmas Creche

The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


When my mother was alive, she asked me what I wanted of hers. I asked for the Christmas creche. It belonged to my grandmother.

When I was a child I spent many happy hours playing with baby Jesus and the Holy family and the other figures.


When I got married and didn’t have a nativity scene, I made one out of fabric. The good news was my children could play with it and not break it.


About 15 years ago, my mother mailed me the creche and the statues. They were so beat up and chipped. There were about 5 or 6 wise men, because over the years we had gotten replacement sets.


I laughed when I saw the figures and I bought a new set made out of resin. I still have a wise man with a broken hand, but the rest are intact.

Over the years I collected a nativity scenes. Once, I brought a set to a workshop as decoration. A school age girl was there. She was drawn to the nativity scene. Like me at that age, she had a real baby brother. I asked her if she had a nativity scene at home. She said no, so I gave the one she admired to her and her family. I imagined her having fun playing with them like I did.


Last year, I met a lady who collects nativity scenes, and she had the same creche. She said it was from 1905 or 1910. That’s about when my grandmother got married.


It’s the only one I have now. When I moved I didn’t bring the others with me. I treasure it and my memories of my family.

Have your best Christmas ever!

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How To Make A Candy Lei

For other lei, see pikake, braided, spiral, or eyelash lei. This photo shows what we will be making in this post.

You don’t have to be Hawaiian to make a candy lei. You don’t even have to use candy.


For my grandchildren this Christmas, I got some gum, fruit leather and trail mix to make lei for them. Small wrapped candies work well. So do small toys like matchbox cars.

The trail mix I got as  a healthier choice don’t work out. The packages are too big.


To make these lei you will need:

plastic wrap

candy, gum, toys or other small items.




measuring tape or stick.


Start with a 40 to 44 inch piece of plastic wrap. You want the lei to end up about 36 inches.

Lay the items face down and fold the wrap over them.

Start twisting in between items.

Cut pieces of ribbon or yarn about 12″.

Use these to tie between items. Turn the items face up and have the bows on the front side.

Twist the ends together. Tape if necessary.

The gum boxes were harder to twist around because of the rigid corners and size. For these, I tied in between boxes without twisting.

Tie a pretty bow at the joining and just add child.


You can tailor the items in the lei to the child’s preferences. You can use pretty hair clips in between items.



What would you put in a lei?

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Here I am a day late, but I am NOT a dollar short. I am having so much fun making Christmas gifts. Here are some:

My favorite gift this year a dude cap:

Camoflage dude cap

I love it and am happy to have something I can make for the guys in the family. I am making them in many colors.

Then there are:

Pillow cases for grandchildren.


Bamboo blend scarves

They are so soft.

And my first batch of dried mango from my garden.

Silk pillow cases for a new bride.


A purse

This blanket was a November birthday gift:

Knitted blanket

And this will have to be finished after Christmas.

crochet blanket

I am wrapping gifts Japanese style in fabric.

It makes me so happy to make these.

Do you have any favorite holiday gifts you make?

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


It’s official. I validated my wordcount and I completed Nanowrimo for the 5th time.

It’s a great impetus to get a first draft done. For me, I get to discover a story inside me. Now I will cut about 3/4 of it and get to work revising it or one of my other drafts, AFTER Christmas.


We had two of our neighbors over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was lovely as usual.


When I was 15 my mother had my youngest brother and was coming home from the hospital on Thanksgiving. I said I would cook Thanksgiving dinner for 11 of us. How hard could it be? I knew how to cook.


Thank goodness my father helped me. And I was never unrealistic about hosting a dinner party again. I do what I can to keep things simple.


When my grandchildren come to visit at Christmas, I want as much done ahead of time as possible so I can put all my energy into enjoying them.

So when I cooked this turkey, I stuffed it and cooked some additional stuffing in a pan. I blended the two batches of stuffing together and froze half of it. At Christmas I will roast an unstuffed bird which is so much easier. I also made 4 cups of gravy and will freeze half of that for Christmas too. And I made 4 pie crusts and froze 2 of them.


I stayed in a cotton yukata, (robe) yesterday on black Friday, all day. It was great. I guess on Sunday I will venture into traffic. I hope it will be less by than.


Have your best holidays ever.


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In Search Of A Better Cup Of Coffee

My favorite cup

A friend of mine told me the best cup of coffee she ever had was in Kona, Hawaii; not surprising, Kona coffee is smooth and full bodied.

What is surprising is that she had it when staying at a boyfriend’s mother’s house. The mother roasted green coffee beans, then ground them and served her the best cuppa Joe she ever had.

I grow coffee. My yield was 11 ounces this year. I roasted some on Christmas morning. Today I have a sore throat and will be taking it easy, so I spent 45 minutes roasting coffee beans in a cast iron skillet. I stood right there and kept stirring them. I removed beans as they got rich dark brown.

In the past I might have roasted the whole batch at once in my oven. I  roast them on a strainer, to keep them more exposed to air, stirring after every 10 minutes.

But now I just cook what I need in a small skillet. That way I have fresh roasted flavor each time.

After making the coffee in my french press, I filter it through a coffee filter. I do this since reading at Oprah’s web page that coffee contains terpenes that can be easily filtered out. If not it contributes to high cholesterol.

It tasted great. I don’t live in Kona and my coffee trees struggle because they would prefer a higher elevation. My beans are smaller than usual ones, but they deliver on flavor. I’m grateful because that is what I’m after.

My husband named my coffee, Jeanne D’Arc Roast after Joan of Arc. I like that.

For information on harvesting coffee see here.

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Merry Christmas To All

Have your best Christmas ever. Alll good things to all of you this coming year.


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The One Most Ordinary Survival Tactic Ever For An Easy Christmas! By J. B. Vadeboncoeur

Christmas is coming and if you are human, you are probably caught up the frenzy of excitement, work, fun, work, parties, work, planning, work, etc.

If I think about the pressures on me right now; they are cooking, cleaning, preparing gifts and getting the house decorated.

If I do the number one ordinary survival tactic to deal with this: I will take a deep breath, exhale long and slow, and think about what I would do if all that was handled. Here I am, all the presents are wrapped and sent, the freezer is full of yummy things, and the house is sparkling clean and decorated. The guests are not here yet. I have plenty of time. What do I do now?

Pay attention to your answer.

MY response is that I want to sit down and write a note to each of my loving ones and tell them what I love about them.

This is my number one tactic. Yours is whatever answer comes to your mind.

I challenge you to do yours, (common sense, safety and wisdom considered). That is don’t do anything that might hurt you or others. If you are clear that your answer promotes something positive and helps you and/or others then, I challenge you to do it.

I’ve just done one third of my response. That is I wrote notes to almost half of my loving ones. I can feel myself relaxing already. It’s because the most important thing, the highest priority for me is getting done. The rest will fall in place.

What is your experience?

Have your best Holiday ever!

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