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When you want things, ask for them for your highest good. What I mean is, that you want things that will be good for you, not the things that you are sorry you asked for, once you get them.

You can also add that you would like this thing or better. Once I did this when I was going to a writer’s workshop. I asked to get a publishing contract out of it, for my highest good of course, and I added, this or better please,  Address this to the universe or god or whatever is your source.

I came away from the workshop with an editor’s words in my ears that my story was the best thing she read that weekend and that it needed to be a book. I realized getting spurred on to write a book was better than having a story published. I did go on to write that book.

It is so comforting to think that something better is coming when you don’t get something. Perhaps the whole thing is a psychological trick to play on yourself. Whatever! It works and when you go looking for the better — you are likely to find it.

Also, consider adding for your own highest good and also that of all concerned. I find they are really the same thing.

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MY EXPERIENCES WITH CREATING ABUNDANCE — Use things to help not hinder yourself.

Years ago a ‘friend’ of mine was trying to ‘get something’ on me to use to gain their own ends. I felt betrayed and frightened and angry until one day I realized my standards were higher than hers. It struck me that if I lived under my own scrutiny, I didn’t have anything to worry about.

It worked beautifully. I could relax and go in my own direction.

Have you ever found something very good came from a challenging situation?

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If I judge myself in any way, for instance that I am not enough, just as I am, then; I start projecting that out on others.

To forgive my judgments of others, I need to forgive the root problem of judging myself first. If I keep in a state of forgiving myself and accepting me warts and all, then my life is much easier and clearer.

I am enough.

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Once I started keeping a focus of leaving things better than I found them, a new level of self-seteem came in. It is a subtle thing. On some level, it feels very good.

Most times what I do, is something very small, like pick up a piece of trash or straighten something up. If I can’t find any little thing to do, I leave a prayer.

Of course, the choice about what is better is subjective. That’s part of the fun. You get to decide what that is.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Five things that I feel happy about this week are:

1. 50% of my husband’s co-workers were laid off last Friday and he wasn’t. Hurray! I like the lifestyle he spoils me with.

2. I won two books from Dollycas‘s Thoughts. She does a lot of book reviews and has a lot of giveaways. She also is interesting, kind, thoughtful and one of my favorite bloggers. She has so many giveaways, I knew I was going to win sometime. Yay!

3. My grandaughter’s room is zebra and pink. When I found some zebra yarn I had to make her a blanket. Did you know there are lots of how to’s about fixing dropped stitches and they all talk about stitches you drop and find while you are knitting. I found my dropped stitches after I nearly finished a full size blanket. One thing I love about knitting is the uniform look of the stitches. Mine were out of uniform. After I repaired them, they were glaring mistakes to me.

Since I’m more of a salvage things rather than take them apart and redo them kind of person, I decided to crochet chains the length of the blanket where the mistakes were.

A new design. Once I crochet a border, it will be done. Yay!

4. I ‘took offense’ from an acquaintance of mine. Clearly she was in error, until I looked closely. When I am in a good place, nothing bothers me. I realize I needed to fill me up. Now I’m grateful that it came up as a reminder to me.

5. Two of my favorite blog writers shared about feeling inadequate. They are people who write very well and give me a challenge not to  compare myself  with them. I would lose in all the areas they are so excellent at. It would never occur to me that they could feel that way. Another ‘lightbulb moment’ reminder to me. I am excellent at being me. Am I using the word excellent too much, that’s what we people who used to be hung up on perfection use instead of perfectionist terms. Muhaha.

Did you have an excellent week?

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© 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved.


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TRAVEL JAPAN End of the first day.

At the end of my first day in Japan, my tour guide Kiyo gave me this with her good wishes. I love that it has rainbow colored ribbon on it.

She also gave me this tiny frog.

It is only about 1/3 of an inch. Kiyo said to keep it with my money so anything I spend will hop back to me.

She was terrific, listening to me, getting me where I wanted to go and fitting it all in.

She left me in a shopping area, after showing me her favorite stores. Is that heavenly or what. The or what part came because I got to find my own way back to the hotel after that. I felt empowered that I could do it. I stopped at Daimaru Department store food court for a bento box for my dinner.

This video shows what the food court looks like. I ended up getting dinner here a few times.

You could get anything from the exotic and mysterious to fried chicken and chocolates.



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Travel to Japan

Home on Monday, and I had a thirty page itinerary to go over from Esprit Tours and Travel regarding my upcoming trip to Japan.


It’s so many pages for two weeks because they pay such attention to detail.


This is why I love to use them. This will be my third trip to Japan that was orchestrated by them.


Besides having a deep appreciation for many of Japan’s treasures and making great recommendations; they tell you little facts like, there aren’t taxi’s in this area so arrange for one ahead of time or If you take this train you won’t have to change trains or how to find good viewing for a parade.


I can’t say enough good things about them. I wish you could all come with me.


I don’t receive any compensation for writing about Esprit, just the

extraordinary cultural travel experiences.

that they provide to all their clients.


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