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Creative Visualization

Have you heard of creatively visualizing? There is a part of our brain that doesn’t distinguish between what is really happening and what we want to happen. We can use this part to help us further our goals.

In your creative imagination, see what you want to have happen, as if it is happening now. Write it down and or speak it out loud to yourself.

Here is me doing it with my trip to Japan.

I am in Japan. I have no jet lag this morning. I am on my way to the temple at Sanju-Sangen-Do.

Here I am in the temple feeling overwhelming compassion as I see the display. I look and look and there is no end to it. I have tears in my eyes.

Now I am at lunch in the restaurant that serves many courses and they all feature tofu. It is so delicious. I am contented and very present in the moment.


I am in the Iya valley. Words keep coming to me. I am writing of my impressions. It feels like my consciousness is flying around the valley, like some part of me is set free after a long time.


I am soaking in the hot spring. The air is very cool so I stay up to my neck in water. I am deeply relaxed.

I am at Omori-Cho. I have found some things to buy. I have sheets for my bed. They feel like a smooth comforting nest to sleep in. I have more socks and some exciting finds.

My clothes are loose after all the walking I have done and the Japanese diet is a good fit for me. I am content to go home, knowing I will come again. After all, a part of my heart is Japanese.

I invite you to creatively visualize a goal of yours, tell it as if you are doing it now. XD

© 2010 J.B. Vadeboncoeur


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