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How To Make Easy Fingerless Gloves For Valentines Day.

I knew I had more than enough zebra yarn for my granddaughter’s blanket, so I decided to make her some fingerless gloves.

Make a rectangle 6 1/4″ (16 cm) by 8″ (20 cm) and sew it up the long side. Leave an inch opening near the top for the thumb. I used size 9 needles and 24 stitches for these. They took about 2 ounces of yarn.

I liked them so much I decided to make red ones for a Valentine gift for 2 other granddaughters.

For these I used bigger needles but I don’t know what size they are. I prefer the look with the smaller needles. I knitted these, but you could crochet the rectangles too.

I decided these need a ring. I made a single pikake flower out of rattail and tied it on.

This size is good for a child. If I was making them for an adult I would make them about 1/4″(0.5 cm) wider and longer.

Have fun.

<p> © 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved. </p>

© 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved.


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