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My Edible Garden

Last Wednesday, when I showed the contents of my kitchen, I forgot about nature’s pantry out in my yard.

Dragonfruit Cactus


Some things, like this Dragonfruit,  are not bearing fruit right now.


Lemon Tree


White Pineapple






Swiss Chard






Edible Chrysanthemum, flowers and greens.




There’s a post about my coffee here.


Frizee lettuce


Red Leaf Lettuce








Lillikoi Vine, passionfruit.




Kukui Nuts, the secret of beautiful Hawaiian skin.*


Macadamia Nut Tree






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In Search Of A Better Cup Of Coffee

My favorite cup

A friend of mine told me the best cup of coffee she ever had was in Kona, Hawaii; not surprising, Kona coffee is smooth and full bodied.

What is surprising is that she had it when staying at a boyfriend’s mother’s house. The mother roasted green coffee beans, then ground them and served her the best cuppa Joe she ever had.

I grow coffee. My yield was 11 ounces this year. I roasted some on Christmas morning. Today I have a sore throat and will be taking it easy, so I spent 45 minutes roasting coffee beans in a cast iron skillet. I stood right there and kept stirring them. I removed beans as they got rich dark brown.

In the past I might have roasted the whole batch at once in my oven. I  roast them on a strainer, to keep them more exposed to air, stirring after every 10 minutes.

But now I just cook what I need in a small skillet. That way I have fresh roasted flavor each time.

After making the coffee in my french press, I filter it through a coffee filter. I do this since reading at Oprah’s web page that coffee contains terpenes that can be easily filtered out. If not it contributes to high cholesterol.

It tasted great. I don’t live in Kona and my coffee trees struggle because they would prefer a higher elevation. My beans are smaller than usual ones, but they deliver on flavor. I’m grateful because that is what I’m after.

My husband named my coffee, Jeanne D’Arc Roast after Joan of Arc. I like that.

For information on harvesting coffee see here.

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I’m Green, I Collect Compost by JB Vadeboncoeur

I collect material to compost. Why? Gardening and I go way back. When my mother would say, “No eating until dinner,” I went in the backyard and picked berries and green beans and/or a tomato warm in the sun.

Topsoil is one of our most precious resources and it takes many years to form. It would bother me if I did not compost my kitchen wastes. I would feel like I was failing the future. Is that a little dramatic? It doesn’t bother me if you don’t compost. But it sure would if I didn’t. I used to put kitchen wastes, (no meat or fat), in whatever disposable container I had. My favorite was the clear plastic oblong that baby lettuces came in. Then after I emptied it into my compost pile, I rinse it and put it in the recycling.

My daughter visited and said, Mom that looks gross. She was right. I wasn’t focused on that at all. My husband got some stainless steel canister sets. We use the small ones for rice and beans. Now I use the big ones for compost collecting. I compost the easy way. I dump everything in a pile on the ground and keep a pile of yard clippings to layer over the grosser looking things. Each year I start a new pile and after three years I use the first pile to enrich my garden. I don’t turn the pile or wet it. Just plop it, wait and use it. I do put it far back from the house because once I heard a wild boar out there at night. I think it was a boar. I heard grunts and heavy breathing.

When I moved here to this desert, it was mostly rock. I never saw a worm when I planted. My neighbor has a jack hammer he loans out when people want to dig a hole. This year I started seeing worms around my coffee trees. That’s a good thing.

When my granddaughter left, I asked what her favorite thing here was? She said walking to the “signpost’ pile.

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