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If I judge myself in any way, for instance that I am not enough, just as I am, then; I start projecting that out on others.

To forgive my judgments of others, I need to forgive the root problem of judging myself first. If I keep in a state of forgiving myself and accepting me warts and all, then my life is much easier and clearer.

I am enough.

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Once, I had the experience of rating the main areas of my life.



Life Work


I rated them on a scale of 1 to 10, how I saw them in the moment. Try it.

Notice your lowest rated area. Sit quietly and listen inside. You know that phrase Let Go and Let God, or nature or a higher power. Do that now.

The more you can relax the easier it is to hear your inner wisdom.

With your breathing, focus on exhaling as completely as you can. The inhale will take care of itself.  Push your breath out as long as you comfortably can. Blow out imaginary candles.

As you continue reading, be aware of your breathing. Feel yourself relaxing.

What would improve your area that you gave the lowest rating?

Can you think of something to change about that area of your life?

Is there any new behavior you could try out?

What does this area have to teach you?

Is there anything for you to forgive? I’m not talking about forgiving any particular circumstance in your life, I’m talking about forgiving yourself for judging yourself in any way. Know that you always did the best you could, given your circumstances at that moment.

Right now is where it is happening. Stay in this place, stay in now. Yesterday is over. Abundance is not there. It is available here and now. If you are having trouble staying present with right now — observe the seat of your chair against your body, the temperature in the room, your breathing.

If there are a lot of challenges for you in your life now, there are also blessings. Everything is a blessing. There is a silver lining to every cloud. Even poop can be composted.

A big secret to creating abundance is composting the poop of your life and enriching your life with this fertilizer. If you have lemons make lemonade.

You are the perfect one for your position in life, the perfect CEO of yourself, inc.

Is there any little change you can make to improve your life? I’m talking small here, so small that it will be easy to do. For e.g. smile at someone, or take three relaxing breaths or turn off the light as you leave the room or any number of things that you think of.

Now rate these four areas of your life as they are right now. : )


Your Health

Your Life Work


I hope you find like I did, that they are better. For me, I had a headache and by the time I relaxed a little it was a much better rating.

Bless you. XD

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Creating Abundance – How I quadrupled my income in 6 months.


Since my husband’s workplace let 50% of their employees go, (not my husband, thank you God), I feel moved to share my secrets of creating abundance. It is my hope that they will be of use to someone out there.

I really did quadruple my income. It was easy. I was a divorcee working part time and I went to full time. That doubled my income. Then I changed my employer, (out of need for different hours) and I got better hours and double my salary.

Before you dismiss it; I don’t believe this could have happened, if I hadn’t laid the groundwork for it. I believe if you lay the groundwork, it will happen in the way that works for you. It could be winning the lottery, it could be a new better job, it could be an inheritance, or any number of ways, probably as many different ways as there are people.

If you’ve been through challenging personal relationships, like divorce, maybe you have learned like I did, that the more you evolve yourself, the better partner you attract to yourself, better partner as in better fit for your needs.

I believe it is the same with creating abundance. The more you evolve, the more aware you are of the abundance in your life.

When I quadrupled my income, I used a shotgun approach, that is I blasted ahead with everything I had. It makes it challenging to know which things worked best. That is, it was not a controlled study. Over the coming Wednesdays, I will post about each of the ways I worked my process.

For this week, write a paragraph about your financial state. You don’t have to share it with anyone, it won’t be graded. It’s just for you. Have it handy next Wednesday.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


This week I was sick and I let go of most things and hung out in bed a lot.  I looove to do this.

It makes me think I could schedule in a day sometimes to do that and then maybe my body wouldn’t have to get sick to get me to do it.

I started to schedule in a day off and that feels like pressure. hmm.

Do you all think you get sick sometimes because your body needs a rest?

I wonder what the early warning signs are?

If I knew, I would say loss of my sense of humor and thinking that I have to accomplish in order to feel worthwhile.

I feel excellent right now. Maybe I’ll go play.



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A sick day.

I’m sick today and feel very behind, yet I’m spending the day mostly in bed.

Here’ a photo of a beautiful garden at the Imperial Villa.

Will be back on Friday.

Stay well, y’all.


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Book Review – A TIME TO GRIEVE by Carol Staudacher.

A few days ago I woke in the wee hours with a lot of anxiety, think terror. I realized it was about not wanting to lose my loved ones and have to go through the pain of grieving. My ego tries to protect me, by suggesting that I not love anyone and save myself that pain. I did try that, when I was young and it didn’t work. I think our nature at it’s most basic, is loving.

A psychology professor sent me a book, after my second brother died. It’s called A TIME TO GRIEVE -Meditations for healing after the death of a loved one, by Carol Staudacher.

TITLE: A TIME TO GRIEVE -Meditations for healing after the death of a loved one.

AUTHOR: Carol Staudacher

PUBLISHER: HarperOne; 1 edition (July 8, 1994)

Paperback: 256 pages

PRICE: $14.99

In it she states many common feelings people grieving have and then a quote. She continues the page with a meditation about that issue.

Here are two quotes that stood out to me.

Grief itself is a medicine. by William Cowper.

He had ceased to meet us in particular places, in order to meet us everywhere. by C.S. Lewis.

I like to think that my departed loved ones are with me in my heart. It helps me to think that when they die they become omnipresent to me.

Anyway, the book is a blessing to anyone grieving. It was and is to me.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!

I’m in Japan today and won’t necessarily be able to link up. I am thinking of you all however.

Today I am going to Sanjusangendo temple. The first time I went I was moved to tears by the overwhelming compassion. I won’t say more in case you get to go some time. I knew I wanted to return here.
Also my husband is close to impossible to buy for. Last time I was here, I found a gift for him that he has kept in his den.
They sell these satin embroidered bags, about the size and shape of a tea bag.


This one has a tree embroidered on it and is a blessing for health.


They have all different ones. I bought some for the grandchildren, with an image of a boy and girl. They are a blessing for children. One lady in my group was asking if they had one to find a mate. I don’t think they did.


As I recall they cost about 500 to 800 yen. ( about $6 to $10.)




This golden one looks like it came from Sanjusangendo.


This is paper with some thickness inside.



If my memory is correct, this one I got for myself. It’s a prayer for relief of headaches. Now, let’s see if they have one for memory. XD


Sending you all a prayer and good wishes.


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