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A Handwork Meditation.

Have you ever gotten the handwork bug? If you do handwork, are there times when you just can’t do enough of it?

I have been bitten big time. It started before the holidays which seemed normal enough. I love to give a little handmade something to people at Christmas. Last year I gave everyone dishcloths that I crochet.

This year I started making dude hats. I love them and made all colors. It’s great for using up small amounts of leftover yarn. I let the grandkids pick what colors they wanted. I kept trying them on, hoping I looked ‘cool.’ My husband kept shaking his head, no it’s not working.

My granddaughter put one on and looked so cute. I see her in pictures back home and she is still wearing them.

My sister sent photos and I see she wore one at the back of her head and looked excellent. I tried it and I think I look better, but it is not the dudette look, you get when you wear it down to your eyebrows.

The bug continues. I started thinking I would give everyone homemade gifts from now on. So I went to the store and got some fabric to make a kimono. It is gorgeous – hand painted. Then I realized this cost more than if I just sent a check and that way it wouldn’t be the wrong size or color. 😦

I am working on baby blankets – two new babies coming that I know of. I don’t know what sex they are so I’d like to make two pink and two blue and be ahead.

Throw blankets for a bride and groom. Can you tell I love this knit on the diagonal pattern –  tres easy.

A crochet blanket for a grandson, to match his room colors.

crochet blanket

And a granddaughter.

Another granddaughter got a new bigger bed.

And a grandson asked for this Harry Potter panel to be made into a quilt with silver and gold. His room has a space theme. I don’t do quilts because I can easily make them cattywompus. To make them neat and match up is a challenge to me. But I am working it for him.

The mediation part comes in because I work in a zen like state and send good vibes to the person who will receive the gift. (Must avoid the crazies over quilting!) I think it gives me a sense of purpose. I pray for my loved ones anyway. This way I am accomplishing something while I pray.

What is your favorite handmade gift?

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Favorites – Kitchen tools

These are three of my favorite kitchen tools. They each came from my daughter who used to sell Pampered Chef.
She isn’t connected with them anymore but while she was she gave me so many nice things.
I wouldn’t have bought them for myself, thinking they were too expensive.
Once she gave them to me, I saw how fantastic they are.
My all time fav is this stone bar pan.

I don’t use the microwave. I prefer my toaster oven. I use this pan everyday. It started out beige and gets darker with use. I first wanted a bar pan because my sister used to keep cookie dough in her freezer and make a couple of cookies when she wanted them. I like my cookies warm from the oven and thought that was a great idea.
I stay away from the cookies but I do most of my cooking in the toaster oven.


When I burn food, I always say that’s how I know it was ‘done’, 5 minutes earlier. There is less burning with the stone. I don’t know why.

Pampered chef has this little plastic scraper tool to clean the stoneware.
I love it. It works so well. I use it to scrape stuck on food before putting things in the dishwasher too.
My third favorite product is this little serving spatula. It is so convenient because of it’s smaller size.
What are your favorite kitchen tools?
I received all these things as gifts from my daughter, but have no connection to Pampered Chef except to appreciate their quality.

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I’m taking time for myself to love and be loved.

I’m taking time for myself to love and be loved.

This is an affirmation I have used for many years. It is meant to create abundance for me and it has worked very well.


On this vacation, this is what I am doing. It is so good.


Normally I’m a person who is highly scheduled and fiercely protective of  my time.


It’s also how I am about money.  I like to be very frugal with money so I can use it in beautiful loving ways.


Ah bliss. Have your best day ever.


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In Search Of A Better Cup Of Coffee

My favorite cup

A friend of mine told me the best cup of coffee she ever had was in Kona, Hawaii; not surprising, Kona coffee is smooth and full bodied.

What is surprising is that she had it when staying at a boyfriend’s mother’s house. The mother roasted green coffee beans, then ground them and served her the best cuppa Joe she ever had.

I grow coffee. My yield was 11 ounces this year. I roasted some on Christmas morning. Today I have a sore throat and will be taking it easy, so I spent 45 minutes roasting coffee beans in a cast iron skillet. I stood right there and kept stirring them. I removed beans as they got rich dark brown.

In the past I might have roasted the whole batch at once in my oven. I  roast them on a strainer, to keep them more exposed to air, stirring after every 10 minutes.

But now I just cook what I need in a small skillet. That way I have fresh roasted flavor each time.

After making the coffee in my french press, I filter it through a coffee filter. I do this since reading at Oprah’s web page that coffee contains terpenes that can be easily filtered out. If not it contributes to high cholesterol.

It tasted great. I don’t live in Kona and my coffee trees struggle because they would prefer a higher elevation. My beans are smaller than usual ones, but they deliver on flavor. I’m grateful because that is what I’m after.

My husband named my coffee, Jeanne D’Arc Roast after Joan of Arc. I like that.

For information on harvesting coffee see here.

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Garden – Devas

Randy son of Robert

Years ago I was astonished when I read THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.
What impacted me most was the discovery in 1966 by Cleve Backster who was a lie detector test expert. He had a galvanometer lead on a plant and noticed that it registered an electrical current, and made a tracing. Then he ‘thought’ I wonder what would happen if I burnt the leaf. As soon as he thought it, the tracing spiked. When he repeated this he discovered that the plant responded to thoughts and other influences, ( like music).

He found lesser reactions in dried and frozen foods but no reaction from canned food. That convinced me to avoid canned food, as having less vitality.

While adding the link here to Wikipedia about Cleve, I read that MYTHBUSTERS TV show initially got the same reaction as Cleve and then when they tightened the controls, they didn’t get any more reactions. This bothered me because I have faith in both sources.

Years later, I was in a class re: connecting with Devas and the Angelic kingdom. I went into it with an open mind and had minor experiences.

Now that I live here in Hawaii, I have seen Devas in my yard. It takes a little effort, or more accurately relaxation on my part. For me they always appear with their plant and look like the plant. The first one I saw was in the crook of a Kiawe tree.
It looked like the bark of the tree.  I never hear the Devas; I communicate with them by listening inside and with applied kinesthesiology. (muscle testing)

I started actively communicating with the Devas when I realized, I would come inside after gardening and feel all out of sorts. I have a tendency to take on the upset of others. When I clear myself of upset that isn’t even mine, I have so much less to deal with. I realized I was picking up ‘stuff’ from the Devas. Now I make an effort to ask what they need and how they are all doing. Having read THE FINDHORN GARDEN STORY by the Findhorn Garden Community, I knew some facts about what works in the garden.

I am left thinking, in the experiments on MYTHBUSTERS, when they added tighter controls, they cut out the Deva involvement. Maybe it is not the plant that registers on the galvanometer but the Deva. I want to see that TV episode. What do you think?

Addendum. I chose this gorgeous photo from  Flikr because it’s a beautiful garden. Mine doesn’t look like this. I live in a desert and most plants die, unless I keep them watered. We had six inches of rain here last year. XD


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Friday For Friends – Anamaris’ Chef It Yourself Blog

Today’s featured blogger is Anamaris. She has a blog called Chef It Yourself which features her cooking and her photography. Warning, looking at it will cause you to want to eat and not just anything but something beautiful and delicious looking.

Truth is, I, who avoid cooking, started reading her blog because of NaBloPoMo
It was one of the ones I enjoyed the most. Her pictures are enticing and as she says she “shows you that delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Today I’m cooking her pork recipe
but instead of a pork shoulder I am using a leg of lamb.

Last Wednesday I made her scallion pancakes.
What amazed me was how satisfying it was on some deep level to cook for myself. I felt like I valued me. My usual breakfast is to put a veggie sausage in the toaster oven. I did use uncooked tortillas instead of making them from scratch.

This past week, Anamaris had her first posting for her Top Chef It Yourself challenge.
You can still join in.

Her husband artist made her gravatar. It’s terrific.

What is your earliest cooking memory? Please tell us about it.

Making these jello cookies with my mom. She used to subscribe to Womans World magazine and there was a recipe for cookies with flavored jello in the batter and a dragee on top. You could make them with any flavor and ended up with pink or green or yellow cookies. I swear I remember them as the best cookies EVAH.

When did you start photography?

I’ve been around cameras since I was a kid, my dad was an avid photographer. He often seemed to forget to load his film, but he always had the camera with him. My first camera was a Sony Disk, I don’t know if anyone remembers those. Going through old albums, I’ve found pictures I took ‘back in the day’. So I guess my interest goes way back.

What is your kitchen like?

It’s a galley style, about 10×4 feet, not big, not even medium-sized. It is the perfect size for 2 cooks though, add a third and you’re crowded. I have a fair amount of counterspace thanks to the fact that the washer & dryer are in that space. It’s cozy, but it’s mine.

What is your favorite cooking tool?

Tough one, I’m not super gadgety, but I have this garlic peeling tube thingamajig. I love it. When my now hubby came over for dinner the first time, I did a little magic dance show with it. I also couldn’t live without my lemon hand squeezer.

Are there foods you don’t like?

BANANAS. I once won a Toastmasters impromptu speech award explaining why I hate them so. When people see me out on the hallway, they still call me Banana Girl. That was about 3 years ago…

If you could give only one piece of advice to would-be cooks, what would it be?

1-Don’t be afraid, there isn’t a recipe you can’t follow. That doesn’t mean you won’t have flops. I do and I have been cooking for over 30 years. If its absolutely inedible, dunk it and try something else.
1b-If you’ve never cooked a thing, start with lower-priced items, that way you don’t feel it’s a major loss if it goes wrong.
1c-Also, remember to have fun with it. Play some music, pour yourself a glass of wine/beer/whatever and go at it.
That still counts as one, right?

This counts as one very complete one. Thank you Anamaris. Today’s post was intended to be filled with Anamaris’ enticing photos and will be when I figure out how to post them. Until then please click on the links.

I love how you sign off Anamaris,
Cookingly yours from both of us.


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Travel To Japan – More Toilet Paper Holders

In addition to yesterday’s toilet paper holder; there were two others that I noted.

One was a beautiful clam shell type apparatus, simulated here by my hands.

To add paper just lift the top part of the clam shell and place the roll of paper in. Then let the top of the clam shell back down.

No little metal bar is needed to put through the center of the roll. The clam shell holds it it place and allows sheets to be pulled out and torn off. It is quicker and easier to change a roll than our traditional types. It looked very pretty and completely covered the roll, not like my simulation.

In one elegant bathroom, the Japanese owners had a flat rectangular plate holding a stack of rectangular sheets of toilet paper. No roll at all, just take a few sheets as needed.

The Japanese are very good at ‘borrowing’ ideas from other cultures and improving them.

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