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When I’m 64!

When I’m 64!

Ah, that would be today! Yay, I’m alive. I’m not a wasn’t or an isn’t. I love the Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You book.

A younger blogger wrote about having crow’s feet. Here is me trying to hide my crow’s face.

Today is mine. I am letting go of all the things on my plate

— the drawing I am working on for OWOH. It was supposed to be ‘easy’. I’ve been at it over 20 hours so far and it’s what I want to do but not today. XD


I find myself cleaning of all things. I love everything all clean and uncluttered. My inner child loves to clean. My outer child does NOT. I will make it fun however.

I’m wearing my favorite blouse. It’s knit silk and I already got some kukui oil on it and I will be cleaning in it, but hey, It’s my birthday. I asked dh to take a photo of me to show you, I was so pleased that I didn’t have muffin top. Turns out my delusions are better than my eyesight, so no photo.

Since it’s my birthday and that is like being Queen of the universe, I wish for you all to have your best day ever!

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How To Look Like A Geisha

When I left Sanjusangen-do Temple, I heard a clear loud voice chanting. It was this monk.

He goes at a fast clip.

Really fast.

I guess he goes around the perimeter of his temple complex and chants to protect the area. I enjoyed hearing it as I set off to find the Studio Shiki where I had an appointment at a –

Long-established photo shop specializing in Maiko/Geiko Transformation.

I wanted to walk because the last time I went to Japan, (for three weeks), I came home with 1 and 1/2 inches less around my waist. And that was after eating everything I wanted. So, my plan was to walk as much as possible.

I could have ridden, the streets were very steep. I went up and down the hillside a lot trying to find the place.

There were lots of students in this area, visiting the temples. Some classes wear matching hats.  It seems to make it easy for the teachers to find them.

There were lots of interesting shops along the way.

Finally I thought I found the place but it was one of their multiple sites. They sent me off to the one my appointment was with. Being compulsively early, I still arrived in time. I wonder sometimes if my compulsive earliness allows time for getting lost and if I was at the last minute, I could just skip the whole getting lost part.

Anyway, they were nice as could be. I was a little out of place with all the beautiful young women but my inner child was thrilled and happy.

I thought I was getting their Sakura plan – called their reasonable package for 6,500 yen but What I got cost 9,500 yen, (about $115). My lack of command of Japanese prevented me from knowing why.

There are additional charges for tabi socks, eyelashes and using your own hair. They will style and spray your hair dark if needed. I chose to use their wig.

Some women I heard of, kept the makeup on when they left. That would be fun, especially if you had your own long hair styled, but I chickened out had places to go after and washed it all off.

In this post, I showed pictures the photographer took with my camera. I was alone and would have tried taking some long arm shots with my own camera, but the photog kindly took as many as I wanted after my studio session.

You get to choose what color kimono and obi you wear. I was surprised that the white face makeup has a lot of pink in it and they use red around your eyes and eyebrows, in with the dark color. I felt like a princess being dressed by my ladies in waiting. Can you tell I enjoyed it?

And now without further ado, my studio shots.

Would you do this?

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Truth is, I was being weighed down by feelings of inadequacy. I felt too negative to post. Now, I just did a little get myself back together exercise I do, and I realize I was thinking that being negative is a catastrophe. As if my mother has her head in a guillotine and the blade will fall and cut off her head if I am bad.

And then I grouse at dh and judge my neighbors and myself and put pressure on myself to be perfect.

Luckily, my mother is safe. She died years ago.

And lucky, I forgive myself and realize, I am a spiritual being having a human experience and we humans do this stuff. This one does anyway.

So, no outer circumstances have changed, yet the world seems sunny again and I’m off to our local Cherry Blossom festival.

My feel good Friday a day late, not a dollar short, I hope.

Have your best weekend ever.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


This week I was sick and I let go of most things and hung out in bed a lot.  I looove to do this.

It makes me think I could schedule in a day sometimes to do that and then maybe my body wouldn’t have to get sick to get me to do it.

I started to schedule in a day off and that feels like pressure. hmm.

Do you all think you get sick sometimes because your body needs a rest?

I wonder what the early warning signs are?

If I knew, I would say loss of my sense of humor and thinking that I have to accomplish in order to feel worthwhile.

I feel excellent right now. Maybe I’ll go play.



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FEEL GOOD FRIDAY — Christmas Creche

The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


When my mother was alive, she asked me what I wanted of hers. I asked for the Christmas creche. It belonged to my grandmother.

When I was a child I spent many happy hours playing with baby Jesus and the Holy family and the other figures.


When I got married and didn’t have a nativity scene, I made one out of fabric. The good news was my children could play with it and not break it.


About 15 years ago, my mother mailed me the creche and the statues. They were so beat up and chipped. There were about 5 or 6 wise men, because over the years we had gotten replacement sets.


I laughed when I saw the figures and I bought a new set made out of resin. I still have a wise man with a broken hand, but the rest are intact.

Over the years I collected a nativity scenes. Once, I brought a set to a workshop as decoration. A school age girl was there. She was drawn to the nativity scene. Like me at that age, she had a real baby brother. I asked her if she had a nativity scene at home. She said no, so I gave the one she admired to her and her family. I imagined her having fun playing with them like I did.


Last year, I met a lady who collects nativity scenes, and she had the same creche. She said it was from 1905 or 1910. That’s about when my grandmother got married.


It’s the only one I have now. When I moved I didn’t bring the others with me. I treasure it and my memories of my family.

Have your best Christmas ever!

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Am I cute or what?

They couldn’t take off 20 pounds and twenty years but otherwise I love it.

It was so much fun. I wasn’t going to get this photo shoot until some of you encouraged me. Thank you very much. I’m glad I did.

It was a blast.

They were nice as could be young people working there.

I didn’t ask, if I was their oldest ever person to come through.

They say you can bring your own camera and take more pictures after they have you all done up. I brought my camera but I didn’t have anyone to take the photos.

I would have tried the long arm thing, but the photographer took me outside and took about ten shots with my camera. She didn’t have to do that and I appreciate it very much.

Would you like me to pour you some tea?

Just don’t ask me to get up from the floor without help. XD


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I’m off to Japan

I’m writing and scheduling this post Sunday night because I leave early Monday morning. I arrive in Japan on Tuesday evening because of crossing the date line.

By ~ezs Miss Izs

In Japan they will make you up like a Geisha and take your picture. I saw someone who had it done and couldn’t recognize her at all.

So guess what? This could be me. It could happen. I’m just sayin’.

Do what you love this week.


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