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My Favorite Tea House In All The World.

After my Geisha photo session, my next stop was the  Jidai Matsuri parade. I was at the far end of the parade route, and very early, so I walked toward the place the parade begins. When I got there, I was still early so I decided to stop at Somushi’s, a recommended tea house. Oh my, their link has beautiful pictures.

OMG, I am so glad I went. It is my favorite of all time. It is furnished with old Japanese mixed with contemporary wall hangings.

They had interesting teas like mugwort. I was in the mood for coffee however. I thought this cup and saucer were Bizen pottery but they are not. They gave me this name and I think it is the town they are made in -Ishii Nooto, and a business card that says Do Kka To Yu.

I love this beautiful old bill holder made of wood.

And this fabric coaster.

The checkout counter is made of stone and had this cute fabric cover.

If I could I would take my valentine here. He would like this vegetable chili. I was thrilled by the fresh taste and the variety of vegetables.

I moved a slice of lotus root to the center back of the plate so you can see it’s lacy beauty.  Under the vegetables is a mound of rice.

Enchanted, I went to check out the bathroom.

Blue ceramic urinal

The pot and scoop are to purify your hands.

Blue ceramic Japanese toilet

The bamboo pole is helpful for steadying yourself.

A beautiful old metal sink.

They have counter service and cute little tables if you like. Some are outdoors in a garden area.

I chose to sit Japanese style on the floor.

Wall hangings and antique wood adorn the place.

This one from old kimonos with Sashiko stitches, divides two areas.

I loved these beautifully sewn organza ones.

I don’t know why they have the tails? They are for sale. Maybe I could buy a small one?

Alas, too many zeros for my budget.

Well, I have my memory of this lovely place.

<p> © 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved. </p>

© 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved.


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Travel to Japan – Japanese Toilets

Japanese toilets are even more amazing than what they have done with toilet paper holders.

First there is your ordinary old style toilet. You squat over it to use it. This one has toilet paper.

Japanese people carry their own toilet paper with them, in a small packet, like tissues. They believe the responsibility for having toilet paper rests with the user. While we have people handing out fliers on the street, they hand out toilet paper packets with advertising on them.

In some places there are toilets very much like ours. Often where there are old style toilets, there will be one Western style toilet, if you are willing to wait for it to be freed up.

Then there are toilets like ours with the addition of a sink that drains its water into the tank to flush the toilet. So they use the water twice, once to wash your hands and later to flush the toilet.

Then there are the fancy toilets in hotels and museums and homes of the well to do.

These fancy toilets often have heated seats. They have a bidet like spray that can be angled to wash off male or female bottoms after toileting. The sprayer remains under the seat until it is needed. Some have warm air blowers to dry you off. They have different control panels. Some let you control the temperature and intensity of the water spay or the dryer.

In some homes that I was privileged to visit, the people have the bathroom out of the main activity area of the house. They plant scented vegetation outside the bathroom so the scent comes in the window. The bathroom can be a beautiful work of art.

Japanese have a separate pair of slippers that are worn only in the toilet area.

I’m sold. I want a fancy toilet although I must admit I was in Japan a long time before I dared try the controls. Who knows what I might have done to myself?

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