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Travel Japan – More Shopping — Fabric Store

During my last trip, I found a three story fabric store.

I found it again this trip and got some sashiko thread in colors I still needed. I was enchanted by this fabric. It is sturdy and textured, yet soft.

And this border print felt so smooth, like a fine percale.

I noticed Hawaiian print fabric there. It was about $10. a yard, which is about the same as here in Hawaii for the better quality fabric.

Last time I was there I bought these patterns.

Even though they are in Japanese, I thought I could figure them out based on the diagrams.

Cotton yukata are so comfortable to wear. I bought this hand painted fabric here to make one.

They give me joy just looking at them. XD

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Travel Japan – Shopping – Kimono Accessories

My last day in Kyoto was for shopping – very wise planning by Esprit Travel and Tours. The next morning when I checked out, I sent my large bag and the smaller one that was in it to the airport to wait for me. The next week I would travel with just may backpack.

I brought slacks and tops to discard as I went. For the next week I had the slacks I was wearing and another pair. As I shopped in the next week I could let go go clothes and make some room in my backpack. Also, I planned to ship purchases directly to the airport.

I started out early and shopped near my hotel. Then I went back to leave my purchases in my room. The hotel, the Toyoko-In Shijo Omiya, caters to businessmen and depends on the clientele being out of their rooms during the day while they clean. Using my handy dandy translator card, I was able to communicate that I wanted to leave my purchases in my room. the manger accompanied me up to my room while I left off my bags.

The doors to the rooms were open and the only ones on the floor were hotel staff. I am guessing they go through all the rooms and clean all the bathrooms then vacuum all the rooms etc. The rooms are very clean.

I had this kimono from a previous trip.

I purchased these accessories to go with it. Now I have to figure out how to put them on properly.

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The next place I went, on my second day in Japan was to the Toji flea market at Tenryuji Temple.

My camera battery died, so I am grateful for the photographers at Flikr who allow use of their photos.

Don’t you love the search for a bargain?

Photo by MShades

It’s a joy to me to quickly scan the offerings, looking for ‘gold’. I was not prepared for the size of this market. It was huge. First off, I found a stand with fabrics. Fabric, stationery and art all turn me on.

Much of the fabric offered, is similar to what is available in the US. So, I headed for used kimonos and Japanese fabrics. It’s a good place for that and used kimonos are duty free.

Photo by MShades

I loved looking at Japanese pottery and antique items.

Photo by MShades

I wish I saw these little lanterns. My husband collects them for the garden.

Having to transport purchases home rules out getting any heavy items. At many business establishments, they will ship your purchases to either the airport or back to the states; but they don’t ship here from the flea market.

It is a good place to get tea. When I went to France, it seemed to me that even the cheapest red wine tasted great. My experience has been that green tea in Japan all tastes excellent to me. I bring home lots of loose tea. At one stand, I asked if they had any decaffeinated tea, (for evening drinking). No one at the stand spoke English. One man with twinkling eyes, pointed to a green package and popped his eyes open, extra wide. Then he pointed to an orange colored bag and folded his hands under his cheek and closed his eyes as if asleep.

I laughed and took one of each package.

The orange colored bag contains a twig tea and I love it. I’ll be sorry to see it all go.

I found an old wooden abacus, but the seller was asleep. I told myself IF it cost 500 yen or less and IF the item was still there when I was leaving I would buy it.

Here it is. It came home with me. I like these for the grandchildren.


There are many food vendors too. I bought some chicken on a stick.

Photo by np&djjewell

It was fun to try on some clothes. I found a knitted shawl I liked. Most Japanese clothes are small for me.

Photo by np&djjewell

Last trip to Japan, I wanted a wooden covered circular box that they have in the ryokans. It holds everything you need to make your tea except the hot water. The rooms have a water heater of some type or they give you a vacuum pot of hot water.

I was so happy to find this one.

What is your favorite bargain that you’ve found?

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