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Feel Good Friday

The Girl Next Door Grows Up started this Feel Good Friday meme. See lia sophia’s blog, ( the current hostess) for the Mclinky.

My happy day included receiving size 50 knitting needles in the mail. I won them in an auction on eBay. I love using e-snipe to minimize bidding wars.

In two hours I got 1/3 of a baby blanket finished —

And in 20 minutes I can make an eyelash lei —

I am having fun and it gets better. Soon I’ll be getting my first circular knitting needles.

Have your best day ever!

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For other lei, see pikake, braided, spiral, or candy lei. This photo shows what we will be making in this post.

It was very easy to make these eyelash lei. The one on the left was a crocheted chain that I went back over with single crochet stitches. It was a little thinner than I wanted so I did the one in the center with a chain of crochet and then double crocheted back over it. I used a size K hook.

The one on the right is knitted. I found using my #15 needles and two strands of eyelash, that 80 stitches ended up to be 40 inches long, (102 cm.). I knitted three rows. I like it the best of these three. The knitting curls around to your advantage.

All you need is some eyelash yarn, scissors and a crochet hook or knitting needles.. You can use one or more colors. The eyelash is so soft to work with and against the skin.

I started knitting with 4 strands at once and that worked well, so I went with 6 strands. All I did was cast on 80 stitches and knit a row as I cast off and it has a lovely thick feel to it.

You could crochet around in a spiral like for the rattail spiral lei. When I try that the softness of the yarn makes it collapse in and I get frustrated working with it. It works more easily, if you pair it with rattail for some heft.

Tie the ends together and weave in the ends. Aloha. Have fun!

© 2011 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved.


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How To Make An Easy Rattail Braided Lei


For other lei, see pikake, eyelash, spiral or candy lei. This photo shows what we will be making in this post.

I love this lei because it is easy and without flowers it makes a nice one for men, yet you could embellish it with a fancy bow or make it in school colors for graduation or whatever the occasion.

You will need –

* rattail in one or two colors.

* crochet hook, I used size H here. You can go bigger or smaller.

* scissors

* fancy bow – optional.

Start with a chain ( see Knit Witch for how to), of each color.

You want the lei to end up about 36″ or 92 cm, (an inch or two longer for taller people, shorter for children). In this picture the chains are doubled. Make each chain about 90 inches, 228 cm. long. When you braid it, it will be folded in half and take up the extra inches.

Fold the chains and tie an 8 inch, 20 cm. piece of each color rattail at the center fold.

This picture shows the two 90 inch long chains. At the right side they are tied together at the center fold.

Use the center fold ends to tie it to a chair or somewhere else so you can braid it.

Do 4 strand braiding.

The far left strand crosses over on top of the other strands.

The far right strand goes into the triangle made by the left strand crossing. Pull snug.

What started out as the far right strand is now the far left strand and use it to cross over. The new far right strand now goes into the triangle shape and pull snug.Continue this way until you come to the end of the chains.

Even out the ends of the chains by undoing any longer chains so they are all the same length.

Tie them off and trim the ends so you have about 4 inch long pieces to work with.

Rattail is very slippery. If you make a knot, it can slip out. The best way to join the ends, is to pull the tie ends though the opposite chain end, about two chains in as shown in this photo.

Pull the two chain ends close together to close up the circle and now tie them with square knots.

Trim the ends and take two 20 inch, 51 cm. pieces of rattail to tie for the finishing bow or add a bow of your choice.

And voila – you are done. Aloha!

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How To Make A Candy Lei

For other lei, see pikake, braided, spiral, or eyelash lei. This photo shows what we will be making in this post.

You don’t have to be Hawaiian to make a candy lei. You don’t even have to use candy.


For my grandchildren this Christmas, I got some gum, fruit leather and trail mix to make lei for them. Small wrapped candies work well. So do small toys like matchbox cars.

The trail mix I got as  a healthier choice don’t work out. The packages are too big.


To make these lei you will need:

plastic wrap

candy, gum, toys or other small items.




measuring tape or stick.


Start with a 40 to 44 inch piece of plastic wrap. You want the lei to end up about 36 inches.

Lay the items face down and fold the wrap over them.

Start twisting in between items.

Cut pieces of ribbon or yarn about 12″.

Use these to tie between items. Turn the items face up and have the bows on the front side.

Twist the ends together. Tape if necessary.

The gum boxes were harder to twist around because of the rigid corners and size. For these, I tied in between boxes without twisting.

Tie a pretty bow at the joining and just add child.


You can tailor the items in the lei to the child’s preferences. You can use pretty hair clips in between items.



What would you put in a lei?

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How To Make A Rattail Pikake Lei

Pikake Flowers

To make a pikake flower lei out of rattail, start with a roll of 2 mm rattail. A 200 yard spool will make about 5 lei.

Real pikake flowers  are off white. You can make lei in any color you want. Mother nature doesn’t mind.

For other lei, see eyelash, braided, spiral, or candy lei. This photo shows what we will be making in this post.

You will need:

Rattail, "H" crochet hook, eyelash yarn.

I’m using white rattail here.

Make a loop leaving 4-6 inches for tying off later.

The Knit Witch has instructional videos for how to make a chain stitch and how to single crochet, at her site.

Use a H crochet hook to go through the loop and pull the cord through to start a chain

Pull tight to make a knot. Loop over the hook to make the first chain stitch.

Pull it through and now you have a knot AND your first chain stitch.

Make a chain of four.

Go into the third chain from the hook.

Loop the cord around the hook.

Pull the cord through.

Make a loop on the hook.

Pull the cord through all and you have a single crochet.

Go into the fourth chain from the hook and do another single crochet.

It will look like this.

Pull tight while curling it over on itself.

Your first pikake flower.

Chain four more for your next flower.

Continue until you have 36 inches of flowers.

The average lei is 36 inches, finished. You can make them a little bigger or smaller depending on the size of the wearer.

Or 92 cm.

Make another flower and turn. Hook into the back of the last flower before you turned.

Single crochet these two together side by side.

Chain four and make another flower.

Attach it and continue up the line of flowers making a double row.

At the end, knot it and leave 4-6 inches.

Make a knot on the hook using the eyelash yarn. Leave 4-6 inches for tying.

Turn the flowers over and start at the end with the ties. Insert the crochet hook into a loop in the back of the first flower. Single crochet the yarn to it. Hook into another loop on the back of the same flower and repeat.

We are putting the eyelash yarn along one row of flowers and then we will come back along the row of flowers on the other side.

Continue along hooking the yarn into the back of each flower twice. Return along the second row of flowers and arrive back at the ties.

Anastomos the ends of the lei. Pull the ties through the end of the lei without ties. Tie securely. Use the hook to thread the ends through so they dont show.


You can make a single row of flowers. If you make it smaller its good for dolls.

You can make wrist size which also fit on stuffed animals.

You can make a shorter lei to decorate a hat.

You can make a few flowers with tie ends...

To use on a gift.

You can think of many ways to use these flowers. Have fun.

<p> © 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved. </p>

© 2010 Jeanne Litt, All rights reserved.


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