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One thing I learned from Project Runway.

As a life coach who loves Project Runway, it’s no surprise Project Runway came to mind while I was working on myself.

Recently I decided to enter my local Toastmaster’s Humorous Speeking contest. For two weeks I chose topic after topic and  worked them up into a speech.  It occurred to me that I was behaving like designers sometimes do on Project Runway. They are indecisive and it takes up their time  and puts them at a disadvantage in the competition.

I decided I was sabbotaging myself and looked deeper into what was going on with me. What came forward became the subject of my speech – Terrors Of Talking.  I am so grateful to the designers who allow us to see them go through their challenges and  learn and grow from their experiences. Thank you.


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Posted by on September 25, 2017 in Project Runway


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