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Do you sometimes feel pressured by others’ upset? Especially when it is my loved ones and they are being challenged, I find myself wanting to make everything all right.

What a relief to remember that I don’t have to do anything. They are capable of handling their own lives.

When I step back and hold, things turn out better than I expected AND there is the added benefit of avoiding getting caught in their upset. This works best when done with an attitude of loving and I like to start praying for whatever is best for them.

Heavens knows I don’t know what is best  for them. I get to sit back and watch it unfold.

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I posted about last week and Here I elaborate.

I believe that underneath EVERYTHING is good. Furthermore, I believe that even the ugliest appearing thing, when examined closely is beautiful.

These observations come from my experiences. I haven’t had experience with the most heinous of crimes.

Once I was waiting in line at a bank. When it was finally my turn, the teller pointed out a desk and said I had to see that person. I went to the desk and handled my business. As I turned to leave, I saw a woman sitting with a stricken look. I think she had been waiting there and I cut in. I gasped at the thought of my lack of awareness and wondered if this is how wars start. One person is just doing what they do and another takes offense because of what they think.

Another time a neighbor of mine refused to allow a friend to stay at her house. Her friend took offense. I happened to know that the neighbor’s husband was a peeping tom and she was protecting her friend.

I believe that any misunderstanding has goodness at its core. What appears to be mean and spiteful is what has become twisted.

I believe that IF we can work on keeping ourselves untwisted and supporting that in others; if we love it all and assume the best about people, THEN we would come closer to the truth.

Once in a workshop they sent us out to examine ugliness.  It was in a city and I walked around looking for something ugly. Not finding anything, I looked in the gutters at some glop. As I observed it, the colors and arrangement of it started to look beautiful. Everything I looked at, I discovered was beautiful when examined without judgment. I think beauty is in the eye of the non-judgmental beholder.

I am not saying to accept all that comes your way. Live a life of your preferences, knowing it is all good and you get to choose what works for you.

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It’s all good. Underneath everything, is goodness. If only I could remember that when I am in my stuff.

And other people mirror this to me. Once a friend was angry because another friend wouldn’t let her stay at her house. Turns out the hostess was protecting her friend from her husband, but was embarrassed to say why.

It seems to me that we wouldn’t go wrong if we assume there is a good reason why people do what they do. We may not like it, but it is all good. Yes I think even the worst of things happen out of misunderstanding. Even if someone is being deliberately obnoxious, they are hurting and trying to get back to loving.

Now if I could just remember when I am reacting.

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When you want things, ask for them for your highest good. What I mean is, that you want things that will be good for you, not the things that you are sorry you asked for, once you get them.

You can also add that you would like this thing or better. Once I did this when I was going to a writer’s workshop. I asked to get a publishing contract out of it, for my highest good of course, and I added, this or better please,  Address this to the universe or god or whatever is your source.

I came away from the workshop with an editor’s words in my ears that my story was the best thing she read that weekend and that it needed to be a book. I realized getting spurred on to write a book was better than having a story published. I did go on to write that book.

It is so comforting to think that something better is coming when you don’t get something. Perhaps the whole thing is a psychological trick to play on yourself. Whatever! It works and when you go looking for the better — you are likely to find it.

Also, consider adding for your own highest good and also that of all concerned. I find they are really the same thing.

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If I judge myself in any way, for instance that I am not enough, just as I am, then; I start projecting that out on others.

To forgive my judgments of others, I need to forgive the root problem of judging myself first. If I keep in a state of forgiving myself and accepting me warts and all, then my life is much easier and clearer.

I am enough.

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Travel Japan — Fushimi Inari Shrine

After touring the Tofukuji Monastery, I could walk to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. My directions were to exit out of the south gate.

Lucky for me, no one understood me when I asked where the south gate was. If I thought to draw a picture of a compass or even write out south gate, they probably would have understood. The lucky part is without knowing which direction to go, I took a taxi.

The driver was probably my favorite taxi driver of all time. He had some command of English. He figured out that I had never been to the shrine before.

When we got close to the gates, I saw restaurants and called out to please stop. He looked perplexed so I said, I am hungry. He replied –

Ah, I understand hungry.

He continued driving into the temple and left me off in front of a temple restaurant. He told me if I didn’t find anything I liked there, that there were other places to eat and pointed them out.

When I got out of the car, he got out and took both my hands in his. He told me not to just look at the temple building. He said to be sure and go behind the temple and follow the trail. I had no clue what he was talking about, but I got the intensity of his good wishes for me.

When I got inside the restaurant, something put me off. Probably that I didn’t know how it worked. So I turned to check out the other eating places. That was when I saw some shopping stalls. I picked up a box of chocolate mochi and thought this will do. The lady told me they don’t sell the display food. In Japan they make realistic models of the food so you can see what you are getting. I laughed. I definitely didn’t want plastic display food. I bought a box of the real mochi and ate it.

I was feeling tired when I went behind the temple. Was it the chocolate mochi that kicked in or the hike I took? Orange is the color of sustained energy. This is where I hiked up the mountain.

At the higher elevations there were tea houses with a view.

There were smaller Shinto temples along the way.

Maintenance was going on.

This 2 1/2 mile hike up the mountain was very energizing and I would love to go again.

Thank you for your interest, since I am way behind, the comments are off.XD

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My first Saturday morning in Japan, I was scheduled to go to Tofukuji Temple. My feet hurt. After covering my blisters with band aides, I now had a second set of blisters next to the first ones.

I considered not following my itinerary and taking the day to shop. I had no idea what the places I was going to were, and didn’t know if I would like them.

When I saw that the following Monday was a whole day of shopping planned for me, (amazing planning by my tour co.) AND that Takashimaya Department store was on the way today, I decided to follow my itinerary.

The last time I went to Japan, one of the people on the tour recommended I get myself to Takashimaya Department store when they open. I did and what a thrill, it is. When the first customers walk in, all the employees are at their stations and say good morning and bow to you. I rode the escalator up and got bows along the way so much that I felt like Queen Elizabeth. I wanted to video tape the experience so I could post it here.  When I went inside with my camera running to tape the bowing and greeting; my sense was that my videotaping was a social error. Not wanting to make any more blunders than need be, I stopped taping. Here is a picture of  the welcome given by an employee just before opening the doors.

Next, I got myself to the station for a local train line. It was my first train ride on my own. When I got inside the station, there wasn’t any English. I realized to travel in another country where you don’t know the language, you have to be willing to feel stupid.

Being dyslexic, I am no stranger to that feeling. I tried pushing buttons on a machine and succeeded in having the station master come out to see what I was doing. I showed him in English where I wanted to go and he pantomimed how to buy the ticket. It is very easy once you know.

I was off and arrived at my destination station. I walked to Tofukuji. When I go to places I haven’t been before, I don’t know what exactly I am looking for. It’s all a surprise. I started by chasing down every possible turn. So, after taking three turns and backtracking, before finding the one I needed, I changed to thinking the next turns would be apparent. So now I went too far up a hill, until I found a person to ask. My feet were screaming at me.

Was it all worth it? OMG, yes. Tofukuji is a beautiful Monastery. Truth is, I was out of sorts when I got there. In a way, I am glad I was, because I got to feel more and more connected to my peacefulness as I walked through the gardens.

Shanti, shanti, shanti.

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