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Do you sometimes feel pressured by others’ upset? Especially when it is my loved ones and they are being challenged, I find myself wanting to make everything all right.

What a relief to remember that I don’t have to do anything. They are capable of handling their own lives.

When I step back and hold, things turn out better than I expected AND there is the added benefit of avoiding getting caught in their upset. This works best when done with an attitude of loving and I like to start praying for whatever is best for them.

Heavens knows I don’t know what is best  for them. I get to sit back and watch it unfold.

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I posted about last week and Here I elaborate.

I believe that underneath EVERYTHING is good. Furthermore, I believe that even the ugliest appearing thing, when examined closely is beautiful.

These observations come from my experiences. I haven’t had experience with the most heinous of crimes.

Once I was waiting in line at a bank. When it was finally my turn, the teller pointed out a desk and said I had to see that person. I went to the desk and handled my business. As I turned to leave, I saw a woman sitting with a stricken look. I think she had been waiting there and I cut in. I gasped at the thought of my lack of awareness and wondered if this is how wars start. One person is just doing what they do and another takes offense because of what they think.

Another time a neighbor of mine refused to allow a friend to stay at her house. Her friend took offense. I happened to know that the neighbor’s husband was a peeping tom and she was protecting her friend.

I believe that any misunderstanding has goodness at its core. What appears to be mean and spiteful is what has become twisted.

I believe that IF we can work on keeping ourselves untwisted and supporting that in others; if we love it all and assume the best about people, THEN we would come closer to the truth.

Once in a workshop they sent us out to examine ugliness.  It was in a city and I walked around looking for something ugly. Not finding anything, I looked in the gutters at some glop. As I observed it, the colors and arrangement of it started to look beautiful. Everything I looked at, I discovered was beautiful when examined without judgment. I think beauty is in the eye of the non-judgmental beholder.

I am not saying to accept all that comes your way. Live a life of your preferences, knowing it is all good and you get to choose what works for you.

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It’s all good. Underneath everything, is goodness. If only I could remember that when I am in my stuff.

And other people mirror this to me. Once a friend was angry because another friend wouldn’t let her stay at her house. Turns out the hostess was protecting her friend from her husband, but was embarrassed to say why.

It seems to me that we wouldn’t go wrong if we assume there is a good reason why people do what they do. We may not like it, but it is all good. Yes I think even the worst of things happen out of misunderstanding. Even if someone is being deliberately obnoxious, they are hurting and trying to get back to loving.

Now if I could just remember when I am reacting.

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My Favorite Tea House In All The World.

After my Geisha photo session, my next stop was the  Jidai Matsuri parade. I was at the far end of the parade route, and very early, so I walked toward the place the parade begins. When I got there, I was still early so I decided to stop at Somushi’s, a recommended tea house. Oh my, their link has beautiful pictures.

OMG, I am so glad I went. It is my favorite of all time. It is furnished with old Japanese mixed with contemporary wall hangings.

They had interesting teas like mugwort. I was in the mood for coffee however. I thought this cup and saucer were Bizen pottery but they are not. They gave me this name and I think it is the town they are made in -Ishii Nooto, and a business card that says Do Kka To Yu.

I love this beautiful old bill holder made of wood.

And this fabric coaster.

The checkout counter is made of stone and had this cute fabric cover.

If I could I would take my valentine here. He would like this vegetable chili. I was thrilled by the fresh taste and the variety of vegetables.

I moved a slice of lotus root to the center back of the plate so you can see it’s lacy beauty.  Under the vegetables is a mound of rice.

Enchanted, I went to check out the bathroom.

Blue ceramic urinal

The pot and scoop are to purify your hands.

Blue ceramic Japanese toilet

The bamboo pole is helpful for steadying yourself.

A beautiful old metal sink.

They have counter service and cute little tables if you like. Some are outdoors in a garden area.

I chose to sit Japanese style on the floor.

Wall hangings and antique wood adorn the place.

This one from old kimonos with Sashiko stitches, divides two areas.

I loved these beautifully sewn organza ones.

I don’t know why they have the tails? They are for sale. Maybe I could buy a small one?

Alas, too many zeros for my budget.

Well, I have my memory of this lovely place.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Truth is, I was being weighed down by feelings of inadequacy. I felt too negative to post. Now, I just did a little get myself back together exercise I do, and I realize I was thinking that being negative is a catastrophe. As if my mother has her head in a guillotine and the blade will fall and cut off her head if I am bad.

And then I grouse at dh and judge my neighbors and myself and put pressure on myself to be perfect.

Luckily, my mother is safe. She died years ago.

And lucky, I forgive myself and realize, I am a spiritual being having a human experience and we humans do this stuff. This one does anyway.

So, no outer circumstances have changed, yet the world seems sunny again and I’m off to our local Cherry Blossom festival.

My feel good Friday a day late, not a dollar short, I hope.

Have your best weekend ever.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday thing. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog!


Being very disgruntled about things today means I NEED this meme today.


Five things I am happy about are:

1. On vacation I released another 5 pounds and now weigh 17 pounds less than I did in early 2010.

2. I easily fit into some previously tight shorts today.

3. I am feeling deeply contented and happy after visiting family.

4. Most of the mangos on my tree waited till I got home to ripen and my coffee beans are ready for me to start harvesting them.

5. Hubby and I are going for a swim. I love to feel the water surround me.


Have your best week ever.


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Want some energy?


Sensitivity to others energy is very high in this one.


When someone is ‘pulling’ on my energy, I notice right away.


In my own life, I am not always as upbeat as I would like to be.


In particular to my terrific acupuncturist.


While she is working on me, I unload all the current happenings in my life, particularly the challenges.


She is a superb listener and she gives excellent feedback.


Translated, this means, she doesn’t judge me and she doesn’t tell me what to do.


I love it and yet…


I judge myself for being too ‘nudgy’ and not upbeat.


So, I decided when I am there and doing what I still keep on doing, I will in a prayerful way ask for positive energy to come through me and spread out to her and the whole room.


It makes me feel much better. I don’t know if it is any better for her.


Maybe, it is because I stop judging myself.


Here comes dear reader, I am sending you a blast of positive energy. Have your best day ever.


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