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I am sensitive to other people’s energy flow. When someone is whiny or needy, I experience it as a pull on my energy. It’s as if they are placing heavy weights on me.
I used to think I received energy from food or other people. When I fasted and had more energy I ruled out food as the source. With other people, I could be pulling on their energy, if they are not giving of their overflow.
I believe our energy comes from a higher source, whatever you want to call it.
You can pull it in consciously by your breath. It is available to all of us and is unconditional.
Knowing this, I consciously intend for pure energy to come into me and go out to other people. One way to think of it, is to give virtual hugs to people.
Next time you go somewhere, imagine that you are giving a platonic, loving hug to each person you see, Notice how that goes for you. It may not work if you are doing it to get something back. Try it by giving freely without any expectation.
I’d love to hear how it went for you. XD
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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in Abundance


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