Lull Your Child to a Relaxed Bedtime

11 Dec

Note to parents.

Creative Parenting

Enjoy reading this closed eye process to your child. Bedtime is ideal, because it will allow your child to quiet themselves in a creative way. This process encourages independence and assists them to take dominion over their inner environment.

Start out by helping them get comfortable. Make sure you have some quiet time together where you will not be disturbed. If you have more than one child it can be very beneficial to have a special time with each one individually. Together breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth as if you are blowing our birthday candles. Exhale for as long as comfortable. Do this breathing two or three times.

If your child’s fears come up…

Help your child to feel safe if he starts imagining anything upsetting like a monster. Often, their fears will come to the child’s mind.

This is an opportunity to show him that in his imagination he can deal with it, can take dominion over it. One helpful way is to have him shrink the monster down to the size of a tiny ant. Often this will instantly make the child feel safer. Create an item to use, for e.g. a magic wand or a squirt gun or their finger. You can have this magic instrument package up the “monster” and mail him back home. See the CEP on fears.

Learn what your child values.

Most of all enjoy seeing what kind of land your child comes up with. See what has meaning and value for him. Read this to him slowly, pausing for him to create in his imagination. You can tape this on a recorder or CD and play it for him.

Imagine Your Own Land

By JB. Vadeboncoeur

Get comfortable. Pretend you are blowing out lots of candles on a birthday cake. Blow out as many as you can. Take in another breath and pretend to blow out more birthday candles. Blow as long as you can, nice and easy. Notice how relaxed you feel as you breathe in.

When you are ready, close your eyes and imagine you are in a very safe place that is all good. It is your own special land. You can imagine your land in the mountains, at the beach, in a desert, anywhere you like.

Look around and see things that you like– flowers, a ball field, candy, toys, whatever you want to be there. You can use your finger like a magic wand to add things or move them around. Just point your finger and think what you want and there it is, in your imagination.

In this place you are very safe. If there is anything you don’t want here, you can get rid of it. If there is a monster or anything scary, you can point your finger at it and imagine it as tiny as the smallest ant. You can package it up in a special box and mail it back to its home, far, far away.

Walk around your special land and look at everything. Or you can fly around if you like. Or imagine a car or bike to ride on. What do you see? What colors are here?

You can have whatever you like to play with. Take a little time now to look around and see what you have here.

When you are ready, open your eyes. You can go back to your special land any time you want.

This blog is for sharing and upliftment purposes only. The approaches and methods in this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or form of illness. This blog is not designed nor intended to replace any form of therapy or medical care.

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