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Hawaii Tsunami – All Clear

The headline today, (2010), in our West Hawaii Today newspaper, reflects our relief that the tsunami caused minor effects here yesterday.

Hilo, Hawaii that was expected to be hardest hit, had unusual wave patterns and swells from the tsunami but no damage that I know of.

People who evacuated low lying areas were instructed to unplug electrical appliances and turn off gas before leaving. I thought the biggest impact might be losing the contents of their refrigerators. Luckily, the all clear was sounded and they could return within a few hours.

Thanks to all for sending prayers to Hawaii and Chile and all the world in need of them.

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Hawaii Tsunami Warning


You probably saw we are expecting a tsunami this morning. It is expected to hit Hilo at about 11:05 Hawaii time.  Right now it looks like the waves will be 5-6 feet. Officials say 5′ in Hilo is nothing to sneeze at. The waves bounce around in their harbor and can do a lot of damage. About 30,000 people are in the evacuation zone there. We are 6 miles upland of the evacuation area and on the Northwest side of the island, so we are in a good place.

On the news they said that hotel guests in the evacuation area are placed in rooms above the third floor. That would not make me feel safe.

Some people with boats are going out to sea a mile or so. It is safe there, as long as they don’t come in until all clear. That would be very interesting to see and I don’t think that would make me feel safe either. It would be great to see a boat if you happened to be carried out to sea.

Please send prayers to all of us here and in Chili and everywhere people are challenged.


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Feel Good Friday – Love Is To Me

One of my treasures is this picture my son drew in school.  The teacher asked them to draw a picture of what love is.

My son wrote,

Love is to me when my mother and I go out at six in the morning and ride our bikes.

Earlier I told my son I wanted to do something with just him. I said this because I thought he didn’t feel loved, with all the busyness of our life.

We decided to take a walk. He took his bike and I walked and we weren’t very together. I didn’t know how to ride a bike but I got one and he taught me. He was so good. He would go first and say watch out for this pothole, etc.

We ended up going out early in the morning because it was a time we could be together before the others woke up.

This was a child who woke me up at the crack of dawn, when he was a toddler, telling me I had to come and see something. It was the sun rising and it was beautiful and red. I did sit there and enjoy him even though my body wanted to be in bed.

I was so touched by his drawing and I knew he got what I wanted him to know, that I loved him.

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Travel To Japan – Rice

As I mentioned in a post about Karatsu, Japan, I liked the rice grown in that area the best of all I tasted.

Steve Biemel told us that when Japan had a rice shortage, they got rice from Thailand and California. They liked the California rice, (it tasted like Japanese rice), while they didn’t like the rice from Thailand. They mixed equal parts of all three kinds of rice and that made it more palatable.

In Japan was the first time I ever noticed these nori strips.

Now I see them here in the states.

Place a strip on your rice.

Scoop rice and nori up with your chopsticks.

Enjoy. Nori is loaded with minerals and low in calories. It adds a salty slightly fishy taste to the rice.

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In Search Of A Better Cup Of Coffee

My favorite cup

A friend of mine told me the best cup of coffee she ever had was in Kona, Hawaii; not surprising, Kona coffee is smooth and full bodied.

What is surprising is that she had it when staying at a boyfriend’s mother’s house. The mother roasted green coffee beans, then ground them and served her the best cuppa Joe she ever had.

I grow coffee. My yield was 11 ounces this year. I roasted some on Christmas morning. Today I have a sore throat and will be taking it easy, so I spent 45 minutes roasting coffee beans in a cast iron skillet. I stood right there and kept stirring them. I removed beans as they got rich dark brown.

In the past I might have roasted the whole batch at once in my oven. I  roast them on a strainer, to keep them more exposed to air, stirring after every 10 minutes.

But now I just cook what I need in a small skillet. That way I have fresh roasted flavor each time.

After making the coffee in my french press, I filter it through a coffee filter. I do this since reading at Oprah’s web page that coffee contains terpenes that can be easily filtered out. If not it contributes to high cholesterol.

It tasted great. I don’t live in Kona and my coffee trees struggle because they would prefer a higher elevation. My beans are smaller than usual ones, but they deliver on flavor. I’m grateful because that is what I’m after.

My husband named my coffee, Jeanne D’Arc Roast after Joan of Arc. I like that.

For information on harvesting coffee see here.

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This post is about Bertrand Babinet, a health intuitive that I use, and his wife Roberta who works with him.

My first experience with them was in the 80’s. I forget now what I went for. It was resolved very satisfactorily and then Bertrand said something to me, about dealing with my voice. I didn’t know my voice could be different. He released it to it’s natural alto range. I had been stuck in a high pitched childlike voice that was not presenting me at my best. This kind of giving you more than you expect has been my experience with the Babinets.

Then in the 90’s, I took a workshop with them about how laughter changes you energetically and how different laughs, ha ha vs ho ho etc. have more effect on various parts of our body.  The next day at my work was brutal and short staffed.  I was sent a temp and that meant besides everything else, I had to orient her. She was a temp that had a reputation for not doing much. Even though I did not feel like laughing, I consciously said laugh sounds during the day. I found you can be crazy busy and saying hee hee, etc. can fit right in. The day turned around as if by magic, the temp ended up devoted to me and applied for a job and you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Happiness by Sabrina Campagna

Bertrand gives affirmations that are specific to you and your challenges at the time. Since I can use hearing them again and they are very universal, I’ll share some:

I am free to be me.

I am really happy with what I have to offer. I give it my best shot and what other people choose is fine.

Don’t create from being out of balance. Create from a place of doing great.

I am choosing a more relaxed and more creative lifestyle.

Service is the highest form of expression.

Love it all as God’s gift.

Anything I have to offer is God’s gift to me.

I’m standing in the strength of my sensitivity.

Happiness by Raul A.

My biological age is 17 years younger than my stated age. I know that is directly related to the help I have received from Bertrand on many levels and I am very grateful. Most recently I wrote about his help in this post. A few years ago my biological age was ten years younger than my stated age. Since then I have been taking Dr. Babinet’s Prime Formula and taking supplements to control my cholesterol which didn’t respond to diet changes alone. I started his anti-aging formula last week.

For today’s post, Dr. Babinet has agreed to answer some questions:
How did you come to do this work?

My work has evolved over the past 30 years;  The two main component that molded it was my interest and avid curiosity for anything related to health at any level.  The other was opportunities and challenges.  In the early 1990 my spiritual teacher suggested that I teach my work to others and that generated a great deal of clarification about what I did and how.  The in the late 1990 my wife had breast cancer and that triggered a much deeper search into the phyiology of health.

How does it work, how do you do what you do?

I have trained myself to be attune to subtle frequencies so when I direct my attention I enter into resonance with that frequency then I identify a scale to determine health and dysfunction.  It is very inconceivable for many.  For me it is as simple as saying there is a chair in front of my desk and it comes with the same level of certainty which has been validated through years of experience.

What kinds of things do people come to you for?

Every possible issue you can imagine;  Their physical health, their relationships, their kids’s problem, their work, their spiritual concerns, their pets and their physical environment ( house, office etc).  For me it is all the same.  I just use different maps to differentiate the issues and the remedies.

What would you say that you do best?

Treating each person with respect.  Looking at what  most other practitioners do not examine and generating creative, effective solutions.

Are there things or situations that don’t respond?

I am sure but those are probably the clients who don’t come back and don’t make any referrals.

Is there anything you want us to know?

That my primary purpose is to love people and provide them with the tools to achieve optimal health, wellness and personal effectiveness.
I also want them to know that our product The Prime Formula is great at providing a strong physical and psychological foundation.

Love,peace and radiant health,

Bertrand Babinet PhD., LAc.

Health is Simple and affordable.

Look for our new health maintenance product

The Basic Formula and download our free e-book The Four Pillars of Health


1750 30th St. #184
Boulder, CO 80302

Do any of you readers out there is blogland have any questions for Dr. Babinet?

By the way, I don’t get anything for sharing this information with you. I do it because I am so grateful and happy to be healthy.

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Happy 101 Award

Happy 101 Award.

Anamaris at Chef It Yourself gave me this award.

Cool, eh? Good friends give on to others. They share the love and wealth and cupcakes. And so, the rules for this privilege are to

a) copy and display the award on one’s blog.
b) List who gave me the award and link to their blog
c) List 10 things that make me happy, and
d) Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know.

OK, a & b are done. Now for C = Happy Time

  1. My husband Barry, he is funny, sexy, free to be himself, crazy, authentic, wise and my friend.
  2. My grandchildren are so fun and funny just being who they are.
  3. My Favorite Japanese restaurant, oh yeah Japan.
  4. Jogging.
  5. Coffee and red wine and chocolate.
  6. Art, stationery supplies, and fabric including yarn.
  7. A clean orderly house.
  8. My garden and trees.
  9. This blogging adventure.
  10. Being fit and healthy.

Now to pass this on to some of the blogs that make me happy.

Tenets Of The Other Worldly Housewife she hasn’t been posting lately. I wish she would for my own selfish reasons.

Robin at Life On It’s Own Terms for its authenticity.

Steve at Japan Living Arts. He takes some of the most exquisite Japan has to offer and shares it.

Ramble Time Reinvented for her clarity of focus and excellence in setting boundaries.

Bat’s meow for her freedom to be herself.

I Am Java Mama for her authenticity.

Thank you all for lighting up my day.

Have your best day ever!


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One World One Heart – Congratulations Winners

One World One Heart

Lisa Swifka created this event in 2007 for bloggers to come together and share and she included giveaways.
Using a random number selector, I chose four winners. (Drumroll) They are

These spa cloths go to commenter #107 – Robin of Around The Island.

This pink lei goes to commenter #99 – Monica.

This white lei goes to # 35 Sew Funky.

And this Pikake colored lei goes to #92 Rita at Atomic Warbride.

Aloha to all of you. Thanks for stopping by. I loved hearing from you all and I hope you win the prize of your dreams and me too. E-mails will be going out shortly.

Stay well all.


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The Third Dozen Most Ludicrous CAPTCHA Definitions For Those Who Try To Make Sense Of Their Word Verifications.


Do you find yourself trying to make sense out of CAPTCHA, those word verifications that you enter to let the web know you are not a machine?

I do, here is what I have found out about some of the ‘words’. See also my previous CAPTCHA defined, also here and here. No offense meant to anyone of any CAPSTRACTION. XD
1.  Wanpatio what they say when you order a patio in Texas

2.  Brocestr – a black ancestor

3.  Larcid – a stolen pig that dies and the fat goes bad.

4.  Ponsahot – a good looking girl who pushes a Ponsi scheme.

5.  Agger – I used to be slow to agger but I’ve gotten quicker.

6.  Mismo – a lady who always wants more.

7.  Shinge – a form of grunge made popular in Japan.

8.  Mensup – when your period is over.

9.  s8x9t3 –  the 2033 terminator series. It stands for Super 8 extreme T3.

10. Horksman, – those guys who hawk luggies.

11. Itzing – what lemon zinger tea does.

12. Penpr. – A combined word for paper and pen, also the name of the new soon to be released computer notebook

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Friday For Friends – Sunshine Award

Jennifer at The Mind Of Ifer – Random Musings from an Overactive Mind… blog gave me this award. I am grateful.

Jennifer writes some very thought-provoking material. For instance  Technological Hermits and today’s The rain makes me remember… where she has us read a short story by Ray Bradbury.

I’m happy to be in her company.

The rules for accepting this:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post (right click and save),
Pass the award onto 5 bloggers,
Link the nominees within your post,
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

My five nominees, for bringing sunshine into my life are:

!. Angela Cerrito

2. Thea Phipps – Author and Artist

3. Jennee at Cheap Therapy

4.  Robin at Life On It’s Own Terms

5.  Myfanwy

Thank you all out there.


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