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When I find myself saying or thinking that I don’t have enough money for something, it is much more empowering to say –

I don’t value that.

Or –

That is not something I am interested in doing.


That doesn’t work for me.

I guess this only happens when others are pushing me to do something.

If it is something I really want to do and it seems out of my budget, then I am more likely to look at how I can make it happen another way. I believe the things that are our destiny, that are in line with our purpose; those things will happen and we will have the resources we need.

I have often said, okay God, I think you want me to do this and I don’t see how. Would you help me out here please? Heck, I say that little prayer a lot when it comes to convincing my husband of something.

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I’m having so much fun putting together packages for the Toynami


More purses

Tiny purses

For the princesses


Superhero capes

And now an art journal

Soon I’ll be getting back to reading your blogs – as soon as I get treatment for my handwork addiction.

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The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Blog started this Feel Good Friday meme. Pick one of her prompts and write about it on your blog! Then go to Lia Sophia Tomgirl who is hosting the meme to link up.


So many good things have been happening. Did you see this? OMG!

On a separate note, Holly over at Holistic Wellness With Holly Worton. had this post and my week has been so joyous since I took up her suggestion. Her posts are very good. I see them as a treat for myself and I am savoring my way through them. This one, it came at just the right time for me or something. Read it for yourself and See if it works for you too.

For me it catapulted me into doing more things I love, and one of my favorite side effects is I am too busy and happy to overeat.

Have your best week ever!


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My journey from poverty consciousness to abundance made big strides once I found Ron and Mary Hulnick’s book, FISCAL FITNESS.

It is in workbook format and I worked it.

My understanding is that two key concepts are to track your finances and to creatively visualize your goals and dreams.

It seemed like a short time and I was in the black. I treasure this book and would never give it up. The Hulnick’s have a newer version out, (1994) called FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN 8 MINUTES A DAY – How To Attract And Manage All The Money You’ll Ever Need. There are cassette tapes available that are helpful to hear. You can play affirmations related to wealth.

If I  feel contracted or worried about money, listening takes me to a better place, back where I want to be.

When I first started with the program, I was single. Now in marriage, my husband does the tracking and I am more of the creative visualizer. Actually, I could use redoing our ideal scenes –  visualizations of how we want our wealth to be proceeding.

I love reading the book. Any page in it. If I open it up and read anything, I feel supported and comforted. If you want powerful, gentle supportive direction regarding your finances: try this book. Financial freedom awaits.


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Flowers at Oomori cho

Esprit Travel and Tours has arranged for the evacuation center at a Japanese town called Morioka to receive small toys for children. It was arranged by Sakurada-san a tour guide who now works in the relocation program.

The Japanese government and relief agencies provide food, clothing, shelter and education. Toys are further down on the list,

So Steve Biemel has come up with the idea of a Toynami. See here for the specifics, for e.g. the toys need to be small.

Have your best day ever.

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BOOK REVIEW Blood Money by Pepper Smith

TITLE: BLOOD MONEY _ A Patty O’Donnell Mystery
AUTHOR: Pepper Smith
GENRE: Romantic Suspense / Mystery

Blood Money by Pepper Smith

It was exciting to win this book at Pepper Smith’s blog – Painting With Words. She writes suspense and teaches suspense writing at the Muse Online Conference. I’ve taken her class the last two years and appreciate her teaching style, which is very supportive. I expected reading her book to be like experiencing a long classroom demonstration. Very soon, I forgot scholarly pursuits, as I was transported into the world of Patty O’Donnell, her main character.

Mysteries are my favorite genre to read. Lucky for me Pepper has two more books in the series so I don’t have to miss the characters too much. Pepper excels at creating characters to care about, the kind you keep thinking about after you put the book down. Oh yes and I am happy to see a villain lives and I’m hoping to see him again in the rest of the series. He is the kind of villain you want to see again.

OPENING LINE – The thief had been hiding in our house for nearly a week before anyone realized he was there.

Doesn’t that conjure up a lot for you? Once the suspense builds and I care about the characters, I go and read the last line, the whole last page actually. I want to know who lives. My daughter gets on my case about this, saying it will ruin the book for me. It didn’t. I’ve done this since I was a child.

A good plot is my favorite thing. It was very enjoyable to read and try to figure the different angles and guess at the results. Another thing I look for, is to be able to figure out, at least a tad of the mystery. I figured out only the tiniest bit. It was enough to keep my ego happy. Pepper plays fair with the reader and the plot evolves in unexpected ways. When the suspense got to a certain level of intensity, I flipped ahead and read the last paragraphs of each chapter. This book delighted me with surprise twists, even though I read ahead. It is a testament to the intensity of the suspense.

Pepper’s second book is RIO STAR. The third book REEF RUNNER, comes out as an e-book in April. The covers have a picture of Patty O’Donnell on them — a brilliant way to help us start to know her.

This book delivered for someone like me.

Please let me know how you like it?

Disclaimer – My policy is to only review books that I like. I received a copy of this book in a giveaway from the author’s blog.

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To me tithing works like magic. One day I was driving and fretting over two bills that had to be paid. I only had enough money for one of them, yet they seemed equally important to me. I wasn’t coming up with any way to pay them, until.. I remembered that I had not tithed yet.

Immediately, I knew tithing came first and I would pay that. In the instant that I decided I would tithe, I was inspired with an idea of how I could pay both bills and tithe.

This is why it is magic to me. I believe if I had not tithed, I would not have been so open to inspiration.

I believe that on some unconscious level, when you tithe, your consciousness knows that you are abundant and grateful and it opens to more abundance.

How do you tithe? Pay 10% of your income to the source of your spiritual teachings. Tithe with an attitude of gratitude for what you have. It is well said here.


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